I have SPARK LT As the model does not have a tachomaters

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I have SPARK LT. As the model does not have a tachomaters, what is the basis/ speed range for transmission. HOw can you be sure that overdrive (5th gear ) is safe and stable.
  • 4433 day(s) ago by Rakesh
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For changing speed if odometer is not present only way is to guess the speed of car and after specific speed even if you press acceleration pedal the vehicle speed wil not increase and you can get noise from gear box. Generally after 80KMPH you can always go on top gear.

Posted: 4433 day(s) ago

Sasi Menon
The Spark has a very tractable engine with a fairly even power and torque curve. What it means is that you can drive the car quite smoothly in all the gears, with out stalling.
Usually, I drive the car in the city with gear changes as follows:
1st to 2nd - 15 to 20kmph
2nd to 3rd - 25 to 30kmph
3rd to 4th - 35 to 45kmph
4th to 5th - 60 to 70kmph

On the highway, it is usually as follows:
1st to 2nd - as above
2nd to 3rd - 25 to 40kmph
3rd to 4th - 40 to 60kmph
4th to 5th - 70 to 80kmph

I usually get a mileage of 13 to 14 in the city with AC and about 15 to 17 on the highway with AC.
Try it out. The car is safe on the highway and feels much better planted than a Wagon R or a Zen Estilo. Also, the ride becomes smoother with higher speeds.

Posted: 4419 day(s) ago

Thanks Mr. Shiva Shankar and Mr. sashi Menon for Your answers.
Last month I accidentally tried the reverse gear while car was moving in the fourth gear,and on hearing the grinding sound immediatley put back to the fourth while the clutch was fully pressed. Is there a chance of damaging the trans axle (as is written in the user manual). If so,how to check whether transaxle is alright or not.


Posted: 4402 day(s) ago

If reverse gear put while vehicle is still at higher speeds, its bound to damage the gear teeth.The gear teeth does have strenght to resist damages but continues or repeated attempts willcause breaking of gear teeth. If Gear teeth is cut, you will experience difficulty in putting the gear and jerking problems and noise while in that gear. If you are not experiencing any problem in using reverse gear then need not worry about opening gearbox.

Posted: 4401 day(s) ago

Mr. Shiva,

Thanks for the time and effort to answer my second question.
However, my first question was about a missing tachometer and not missing odometer. HOw to calculate or guess the rpm for a given car, and what is the optimum rpm range to get the best fuel efficiency. this is to add the clarity to my first question.

Posted: 4400 day(s) ago

It will not be possible to calculate RPM without tachometer. It has to be guesed with speed of vehicle as indicated in speedo meter and move to higher gears.It is always advisable to move to higher gears one by one rather than jumping to highest gear.

Posted: 4400 day(s) ago

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