I own a 2208 december model TOYOTA INNOVA ON TO WHICH I

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I own a 2208 december model TOYOTA INNOVA ON TO WHICH I wish to fit bigger tyres ie 16 inches .Is it possible?
  • 4329 day(s) ago by GOPAKUMAR
Under: Toyota Innova #Cars
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hey hie Gopa Kumar howz u doin.. well u r question is a valid one... but toyota as such is agr8 vehicle to own.. n itzz performance is too ood.. on any road conditionzz...well i dunno u r moto behind fitting a bigger tyre isit for show or for sum thng related to performance.. if itzz for show den itzz all up to u n u r look out on u r own vehicle.. but if itzz related to the performance den i tell u.. itzz not worth.. as bigger n fatter tyre increase the road surface conctact n will bring a huge differnece in speed n performance.... itzz betta to keep the original tyres.. n ya if u want for show off u can alwayzz go for any fashionable alloy wheels insted it would give u a better look... anywayzz all d best.... but d innova is the best good choice

Posted: 4329 day(s) ago

Fitting bigger size Tyres to innova does affect for increased aerodynamic lift at greater speed over 150KMPH.Advantage is stylish look and wont affect performance much at lower speeds.Hence ecommended to go for the same.

Posted: 4328 day(s) ago

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