hey actually i have fz2011 model with 30 kmpl milage nd at

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hey, actually i have fz2011 model with 30 kmpl milage nd at 5th gear it does not attains pickup and at last the speed is btwn 100to103 so plz help me to incrse perfrmnce nd milage
  • 1688 day(s) ago by Jatin Singh
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Sir, Is this a Bike?. If it is then I will tell you secret of increasing the performance and mileage. First remove your helmet and try to get a speed at around 50km in first gear itself. Then increase the speed slowly to 100 to 110 in 4th gear. By the time you will hear siren behind you do not look back but shoot to maximum speed in 4th gear. Put the 5th gear in 130km. By the time you will hear more siren from you left right and behind some times from even from front. Do not stop go like wind. For more mileage calculate mileage not in per liter. Calculate in 5 litter. If you are lucky you will end in very cold room (Totally Free with pin drop silence) The only problem is you cannot talk there you can only lie down with you face upwards. You will be covered with a white cloths. some time you will end up in ina room with only one door with bars. there you will get chapati or some other items for all meals and you can come out of that room in 3 months time. Now you know How to increase the your performance.

Posted: 1686 day(s) ago

listen LITERATOAUTOR if u dont dont knw how to talk to a unknown person then plz dont talk nd do ur own work in which u r good that is doing nothing

Posted: 1686 day(s) ago

so dont waste ur time for giving this useless nd idiotic answers thanking u
ur wellwisher

Posted: 1686 day(s) ago

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