I want to purchase honda city diesel V model but i read

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I want to purchase honda city diesel "V" model but i read following user review on net, please clarify the same, so that I can take right decision.

Anil Singla (9815827101) "singla_ce@yahoo.com"

I am not writing this blog by choice but I have been forced to write this because of very bad and mentally harassing experience with Honda Cars India and Harmony Honda Chandigarh. So I have decided to write this blog to create awareness among people so that Honda can’t befool them. I have been cheated by Honda and Harmony Honda. I invested 12.4 Lacs rupees on my brand new Honda City V MT iDtec Diesel [PB 13 AR 4973] and within just 40 days and driven less than 5000 km, we are left with no other option but to park it in our garage. I bought Honda City iDtec VMT [PB 13 AR 4973] from Harmony Honda Chandigarh on 21st April 2016. We took our brand new Honda City in the season’s first rain on 31st May 2016 where we were crossing through very shallow standing water (less than 5 inches), our car stopped in mid of the road where all other cars like Maruti, Tata Nano, Hyundai Verna, Hyundai i20 were moving smoothly. We got out of our car and we pushed it to the side of the road and our shoes were not even fully dipped in the water, so you can imagine the level of water on the road. We took our car to the Harmony Honda Chandigarh. They said water got into our brand new Honda City Engine and its hydrostatic lock and cylinder have been damaged. They said its estimate is around 1.25 – 1.5 lakhs and we will have to pay it. It is neither covered in warranty nor in Insurance (Though we have Bumper to Bumper Nil Depreciation Insurance). Actually I researched about this problem over Google. Honda Diesel iDtec engines have very serious design flaw. The flaw is the Air Intake for Air filter is very below in the car, so even during the very shallow water level, this sucks water and damages the engine. So this problem is there in every Diesel iDtec Honda car be it Honda City, Honda Mobilio or Honda Amaze. The concerned persons at Harmony Honda Chandigarh advised us not to drive this car in rains. Then why should we buy Honda cars if they cant be driven in rainy season. They simply said we will have to pay for the repair of hydrostatic lock and cylinder. Unsatisfied with their response, I registered my complaint with Honda One-2-One (1800113121) regarding this on 31st May 2016. They forwarded the case to Harmony Honda Chandigarh only. We met Mr. Sanjay Sharma (our Sales Consultant) and Ms. Geetanjali (Mr. Sanjay's Senior) and Mr. Jaswinder AGM of Harmony Honda at Harmony Honda Chandigarh showroom and they verbally agreed this problem is very there in Honda Diesel cars. But all of them refused to honour warranty that we will have to pay for its repairs and there is no other option. HONDA REFUSED TO HONOUR WARRANTY. HARMONY HONDA CHANDIGARH REFUSED TO HONOUR WARRANTY. VERY POOR AFTER SALES SERVICE. So I want to ask where is our fault? This clearly shows that this is design flaw and that too occurred on the day of first rain itself and just under 5000 kms and within 40 days. Why shall I repair it? What will be the market value of a car whose engine gets opened within 5000 kms and that too because of design flaw and manufacturing defects. Did I spend 12.5 lacks to spend 1.5 Lack more within the 40 days of purchase of my brand new Honda City? Unsatisfied with Harmony Honda response, I again called Honda One-2-One on the same day, Honda One-2-One executive assured me that I will receive a call from Honda Area Manager by 6th June 2016 Monday. I waited till Monday evening but I didn't receive any call. Then I again called Honda One-2-One and complained them I haven't received any call from you people, then again Honda One-2-One executive assured me that I will receive a call from Honda Area Manager by tomorrow that is 7th June 2016. Again I didn't receive any call from Honda on 7th June 2016. Then I again called Honda One-2-One on 7th June 2016 and Honda One-2-One executive advised me to call you people next day and he will get some higher authority to talk to me same time. Then again I called Honda One-2-One on 8th June 2016 afternoon and explained them whole matter and he asked me to stay on hold. He kept me on hold for 1 hour and then didn't take my call. After this extreme inconvenience, I again called on Honda One-2-One and talked to Mr. Shubham and he assured me I will receive a call from Area Manager within 1 hour. After making about 10 calls and staying on hold for hours, I have not received any call from Honda. This is the height of inconvenience and horrible experience with Honda. So, after all this, I sent mail on customer_relations@hondacarindia.com and got their response after 3 days to connect with Harmony Honda. NO RESPONSE FROM HONDA CUSTOMER CARE. We again visited them and their response was same and nobody from Honda India Cars has contacted me so far. So after fighting for weeks with Honda and Harmony Honda Chandigarh, I have decided to make each and every possible effort to create awareness among people so that they don’t buy Honda cars. Honda has cheated me but I will not let Honda cheat other people now. If anybody is facing same issue, you can contact me at: Kapil Jindal kapil2991@gmail.com
  • 2259 day(s) ago by Anil Singla
Under: Honda City #Cars
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