Hello I am looking for a new car initially I was

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I am looking for a new car.

initially I was sure to go for Newly launched maruti brezza vdi (0) with 24.3 ARAI mileage in diesel.

it cost around 8.90 on road.

but due to its more waiting period, I guess it would be late for me as per requirements.

So I searched few more options.
After sorting and filtering, I reached two cars choice.
1. Hyundai Elite i20 sportz
2. Maruti Ciaz Vxi plus or Vdi plus.

I understand that these two are not comparable being car of different segment but I am confused with below points.

My usage right now is around 600 kms per month.
I feel I should go for petrol.
In case of ciaz petrol, mileage as per company is around 21, while in i20 its 18.

In comparing features, i20 is more filled with features and we like it too.

but we are not much comfortable sitting 3 adult in back seat as well as boot space and this all again bring me to ciaz.

my question is,

1. in other car generally difference btwn petrol and diesel price is around 1.25 lacs like in i20.
however in case of ciaz, petrol and diesel car price difference is only 80000.

due to this even though I have less usage which may increase to 750 kms in future for which petrol may be easy but because of ciaz diesel mileage of 28.09 I get attracted to it as its jst with spending 80000 more.
so shall I go with diesel or petrol ?

2. ppl says resale of ciaz petrol would be difficult and at low price so buy diesel, is it true? how much does this affect to our situation. ? I will not sell my car minimum 5 yrs.

3. shall I go for i20 or ciaz. ?

many ppl says i20 is strong with good quality metal and good weight then ciaz even though its hatchback. also resale would be good.

i20 cost 7.3 lacs only but only one weakpoint of its low mileage makes me dissatisfied.

plese help which shall I buy?

thank you
  • 1740 day(s) ago by Hardik
Under:   #Cars
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