I have purchased new Hyundai i10 sportz I am not getting

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I have purchased new Hyundai i10 sportz. I am not getting very good milage from the car.
I have a basic question to the Cartrade fraternity that WHAT SHOULD I DO TO GET THE BEST MILAGE OUT OF MY CAR? Those who 'know' and are getting best milage please share their experiences and inform me about their style of driving, use of gears, brakes, tyre pressure maintenance etc. Recently there was a rally of i10 cars in Mumbai (organised by Hyundai) for calculating the milage of the car & the winner could clock 37.5 kmpl!!!!!!! I also participated & could hardly get 14-15. How the winners drive???????????
  • 5054 day(s) ago by ANURAG BHANDARI
Under: Hyundai i10 #Cars
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In the tests made extreem care was taken to driving in best roads like expressways, with optimum tyre pressure, running at economical speed as mentioned in odometer, minimum gear shift , minimum luggage, no AC, no sterio, etc. Just riding the car with minimum possible luggage and best speed and best road conditions. Please refer the link below on road rally for best mileage of i10.

Posted: 5052 day(s) ago

Test conditions can give any amount of mileage. It is how u drive and where u drive matters. U keep continuosly changing gears then mileage drops. In first 6 months of ur car bought u should have driven 40-50kmph to set the engine. The engine sets up in 6months time. after that how ever good u try u will get the same mileage . i10 give max of 13-15 thats all u can expect on indian roads.

Posted: 5046 day(s) ago

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