Any Ford Ecosport 1 5 D owner facing clutch is too hard

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Any Ford Ecosport 1.5 D owner facing clutch is too hard issue ?
Seems my clutch is too hard and required replacement in just 20K KM,
But actual life according to service manual is much more.
According to this guide clutch is too hard is not a symptom of clutch is gone bad .

Somebody please share your experience.
Thanks in Advance.
  • 1986 day(s) ago by Rishavnath
Under: Ford EcoSport #Cars
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Answers submitted by Users

Hi.. I am too facing the issue.. the clutch is otherwise normal but moment I release it .. it pushes the foot back like anything

Posted: 1813 day(s) ago

What is it that u did to resolve the issue

Posted: 1813 day(s) ago

Facing foot pain due to hard clutch...they said its hydraulic and its normal but my foot says its not right..any solution?

Posted: 1802 day(s) ago

I have just done 12K in Ecosport..clutch is too hard. either I need to change the Car or clutch or my knee. Please suggest if any one have any solution to tis.

Posted: 1762 day(s) ago

Nitin Patidar
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Posted: 1657 day(s) ago

I test drove all the models of fordecosport (in pune, on 24th Dec 2016). The clutch was too hard in some diesel/petrol models. In some models it was little less hard. It pushes your foot backwards really really hard. you can injure your knee or have pain in your ankle. Be careful. Therefore, there was no question of buying it.

Posted: 1638 day(s) ago

Lohith Naik
Hi Me facing same issue of hard clutch with my ecosports .
And my knee got damaged due to this.


Posted: 1597 day(s) ago

Rishi Jain
My eco sports done 29200 km and the clutch is so hard feels like exercising says ur options are replacement of knees /clutch /car or else keep a driver

Posted: 1488 day(s) ago

Advait Kawthalkar
I also have the same issue. My EcoSports is hardly 39K and I have already developed foot pain. This seems to be a manufacturing issue with EcoSports which the company should address.

Posted: 1403 day(s) ago

Yes. I am also facing the same issue. It is too hard to press. I have Trend diesel Ecosport. When talked to service center executive he asked me change saying there no guarantee that new one will be the soft one.

Posted: 1216 day(s) ago

Litto Varghese
Iam also facing same issues .

Posted: 1187 day(s) ago

Kishor P Raj
I am facing the same problem. Its too hard for my foot

Posted: 1150 day(s) ago

I have a Ford aspire diesel, and it happens, clutch becomes very heavy, at times I feel like abandoning my vehicle in heavy traffic, any solution

Posted: 1146 day(s) ago

I have a Eco Sport Ford diesel, and completed around 37K KM. Facing foot/knee pain due to hard clutch,When talked to service center executive he asked me change saying there no guarantee that new one will be the soft one.

Posted: 1097 day(s) ago

Join the group and lets fight against Ford. I am a victim and had to change clutch just under 1 year/15k kms.

Posted: 1081 day(s) ago

Rachana Srivastava
Yes the clutch plate is too hard, car got under break down in 24000 km only. I never faced this issue earlier, with any of the Suzuki or Hyundai cars.

Posted: 996 day(s) ago

Clutch is too hard and it may lead to break down, at any mmoment. Thanks to 3Yrs RSA. I had to get it towed. Very scary.

Posted: 994 day(s) ago

Already facing knee pain due to hard clutch of ecosport. Its just 11k km. I have been facing hard clutch ever since I bought the vehicle but now it started hurting knee and ankle

Posted: 966 day(s) ago

Abhijeet Kumar
Im also facing the same issue. The clutch is really hard and even after complaining to Ford service centers they are not ready to accept that there is a serious issue.
I had complained at the time of 2nd regular servicing during July 2018. However, the technical team didnt acknowledge and the issue was not resolved.

In order to explain for more clarity, I visited the workshop of Sequel Ford during servicing. I checked and demonstrated the clutch in various Ecosport vehicles including the latest model. I explained that the clutch in latest model is very soft to my liking and comfort and asked them to make adjustments or calibrate the clutch in my vehicle also to be like that.

This was acknowledged by Ford technical team that I was right. However, they expressed their inability to do anything about it. They stated that the same cannot be calibrated.

I checked if anyone else is facing the same issue and found that Internet is flooded with such issues which Im facing.
Further, to note that Ford South Africa has recalled Ecosports for clutch problems. However, no action yet by Ford India.

Posted: 964 day(s) ago

Biraj Deka
I am also facing hard clutch issue from the very beginning for my Ford Ecosport Ecoboost model. Service centre, Central customer care do not want to acknowledge the same

Posted: 963 day(s) ago

I am also facing hard clutch issue for my Ford Ecosport Trend,Facing foot/knee pain due to hard clutch, even due to this condition many time i am gear shifting problem,,,

Posted: 931 day(s) ago

Usingafter marketclut chandpress ureplate resolvethi sissuedono tgoforFord clutch

Posted: 924 day(s) ago

DJ Dhanunjay
Me too faced same issue

Posted: 878 day(s) ago

Sreejith Y. Unnithan
My EcoSport 2013tdci done 100k KM and the clutch seems to be little hard, but performs very smooth.The avg. life of the clutch in a well maintained diesel car is around 150 k kms.

Posted: 849 day(s) ago

I bought Ford Aspire diesel on Mar19. Ever since I bought I got severe knee pain and wondering how to drive it for coming days. Looking for a forum were all can raise against Ford

Posted: 761 day(s) ago

Poobalan Rathinam
I bought Ford aspire diesel titanium plus version couple of weeks back. In 2 weeks i got leg pain due to very hard clutch . The service center is not giving proper solution. Worri

Posted: 761 day(s) ago

Satyajit Pujari
I am facing hard clutch issue for my Ford Figo Titanum 2016, got foot and knee pain due to hard clutch, I have complained and got a replacement of new clutch with 50 percent discount, still the issue is not resolved.

Posted: 731 day(s) ago

i have a ford ecosport 2014 diesel model, the clutch is so hard and pushing back, that it was hurting my knees, when i approached the service centre, they said i have to replace the complete clutch system. When i asked to feel similar ecosport vehicles clutch, they refused, after spending 25k now i am back to feeling pain in the knee, it is 75 percent hard as the previous one. Now they are saying the clutch system is hydraulic system and nothing much they could do about it. what a cheat ford is, this will be my last car with them. Maruti suzuki swift dzire has the best soft clutch system in my friends car. i will change to that.

Posted: 719 day(s) ago

Spent 40K to change CLUTCH FLYWHEEL ...what not. Have run only 30K kms.

Posted: 711 day(s) ago

Clutch problem is huge in ford EcoSport ...I mentioned that and the technical team accepts that they cannot do anything with that...

Posted: 658 day(s) ago

Bought ecosport in april 2018, and suffering from clutch hardness issue .Reported 4 times. No resolution. Suggest not to buy ecosport to anyone who ask. Coz ford is not supporting.

Posted: 636 day(s) ago

Facing same problem after having original clutch replaced because of accident,original were a little hard but the replaced ones are super hard and I feel like giving up in heavy tr

Posted: 613 day(s) ago

Shashank Vishwakarma
It seems everyone is facing the same problem as I am facing in my ford figo. I observed that only diesel cars having this problem. Only ford can problem the solution as apart from the clutch, everything is good in ford cards.

Posted: 577 day(s) ago

Am facing the same issue with my Ecosport 2016 diesel. However, the behaviour of the clutch is rather erratic. On some days its very hard and snaps back at me with full force, while on other days its tolerable. Recently I got my clutch bled at the local Ford service station. That process did give some respite for a few months. However, the problem is back and I think I will have to go for the bleeding again.

Posted: 571 day(s) ago

If you are using Ford car then be ready to replace your knee . I bought ecosport in 2018 and drove only 4000 km hardly and feel like dumpling my car in dump yard .

Posted: 525 day(s) ago

Varun Tandon
To all, please raise your concern in Ford by dropping email to their mgt email address and along with raise tickets in Jaago Grahak and Consumer Forum. If not resolved, go to NCDRC

Posted: 516 day(s) ago

Ford Ecosport 1petrol 2014 model I chaged clutch plate on 25k Now it is 33k Even its feeling very hard to push.

Posted: 374 day(s) ago

I also face same couch hard issue in ford figo. Request to ford please do something. other wise you loose your market.

Posted: 301 day(s) ago

Purchase 2019 model Ecosport and due to the same problem clutch had to be changed in just 5000 kms and Ford India did not support at all.

Posted: 297 day(s) ago

Parveen Dhiman
Clutch is too hard, same issue facing since beginning, seems that I have to replace knee, because getting pain every time while pressing clutch.

Posted: 275 day(s) ago

Same issue,
Clutch pedal hard and push back hard.

Clked 39000 and replaced tha clutch ..
But same issue..tight clutch, push back pedal..

Posted: 241 day(s) ago

Shersingh Yadav
I am facing the clutch is too hard after 54k,km driven the problem is not solved by service centre..are these the permanent problem in the EcoSport

Posted: 227 day(s) ago

I am also facing the issue again same reply form Ford service is there any other brand like Bosch we can replace with

Posted: 173 day(s) ago

Shashi Shekhar Dubey
I am using Ford Ecosport Diesel base model since Feb 2014. I have encountred hard clutch issues since beginning and highlighted same during every servicing but no solution by Ford

Posted: 161 day(s) ago

Shashi Shekhar Dubey
Another problem with ecosports is with its hand brake. It has to be corrected in every servicing as it becomes free after 5000 to 6000 Kms of running

Posted: 161 day(s) ago

I purchased a Ecosport 2nd hand. Now looking for knee,legs and back strengthening exercises online

Posted: 159 day(s) ago

Keshab Badal
I am also facing this problem. Service center has no solutions. Ford India ltd must solve this problems.
Keshab badal 9851045675

Posted: 118 day(s) ago

Sunil Dhaul
I bought Ford FreeStyle recently and facing the same clutch problem. I suggest we file a case against Ford for correcting this problem which cause accident.

Posted: 114 day(s) ago

all ford vehicles are having very heavy and hard clutch because of its hydraulic system.......... i over come this issue with external auto clutch system.... after this you dont need to use clutch ..... cost 50k

Posted: 93 day(s) ago

Sebin Vino
My clutch is too lite.. feather lite compared to my ikon tdci..

Posted: 66 day(s) ago

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