is it possible to fit LPG in Tata NANO

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is it possible to fit LPG in Tata NANO ?
  • 5178 day(s) ago by Velu
Under: Tata Nano #Cars
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Bub In Soup
It should be possible - You might have to remove the back seats. LOL!

Posted: 5178 day(s) ago

Hahahaha! Probably. But it won't cross 50!

Posted: 5178 day(s) ago

It is possible to fit LPG but rear seat wont be usefull as the same space is utilized for LPG.

Posted: 5178 day(s) ago

Yes...but u mite have to hold the cylinder on ur

Posted: 5178 day(s) ago

If you fit LPG to will be like a Live missile or Bomb.. which can explode at anytime... Nano by itself is a safeless vehicle...

Why Nano is safeless

- First there is no Engine in front Engine Compartment, so imagine how it will react when it has a crash.. no cross bar...
- Only space you can put you luggage is the front Engine compartment area. So jus imagine driving a vehicle with unbalanced load in the front... :(

- as there is no engine in front , which means less load in the front area... jus imagine how this vehicle react at little high speed... it will take off from the road..

there r lot of negatives abt this 4 wheeled 2 wheeler..

In short why risk life for jus 25 K less.. Life is preciuos... not nano.. nano is business...

Posted: 5178 day(s) ago

There is an option to fit LPG in the front bonet area. but you have to remove your spare tyre. As the LPG cylinders can be custom made and come in variable sizes. So i believe there is an option for LPG conversion. But one can come to the conclusion only after looking at the space area.

Posted: 5178 day(s) ago

There is still no clarity on the fitting of LPG and CNG for the Nano. With the small storage in the front, there will not be any usable space available with the LPG tank inside. So leave that option for now.

And dear Sam, Nano is not 'safeless'. Its much safer than a M800 or Alto. It confirms to safety norms and rollover tests have also been done to ensure safety. Its engineered for safety. Tata will not make an unsafe matchbox like Maruti. Engine not in the front does not mean its not safe. If it was so, a Porsche or some other rear engined sports cars will not be safe according to what u say.

Posted: 5178 day(s) ago

my, dear freands tata. nano is very safe car. it passes all the security test and the engion in rear is not in ferst time. acros the world many other compny makes rear ingion car know a days in delhi all lowflower bus are with rear engions so donty wory bro its a paisa wasull car go and tes drive it.....

Posted: 4418 day(s) ago

Once, test driven a nano, it has good drive control, lot of space, safe, proud that an Indian had done it, LPG conversion can also be done, small approved cylinder of 25kgs can be kept behind back seat with proper insulation and filling at front as done for petrol, consult a good mechanic who has conversion experience. Try to be an Indian first.

Posted: 4392 day(s) ago

U can install a carrier on the roof and fix cylinder there.I cant think of any other place to fix the same.But why u want to do as I thin it gives better mileage than other petrol car and LPG will reduce the mileage.moreevr Auto LPG prces are not regalated they r market driven and o up and down with petrol prices.

Posted: 4392 day(s) ago

Mahendra N. Rohamare
Nano is a safe vehicle. The sales of Nano are rising. If u compare the price with a two wheeler u will definitely buy a Nano. What u can get in 1 lakh rupees. Ratan Tata has done it and he has been admired by whole world. He has full filled his promise of 1 lakh rupee car. A Nano can be fitted with a LPG kit and in a couple of months Tata Motors is coming out with a company fitted CNG kit for the Nano. Now Tata Motors must come out with different shapes for the Nano. The younger generation is more interested in Nano.

Posted: 3978 day(s) ago


We have LPG fitting available in Hyderabad.
We already fitted to few vehicles running fine and cost of the kit is 18k.
buzz me at


Posted: 3971 day(s) ago

Anurag Chaudhary
well i cant say about safety as almost all vehicle even temp run on indian days confirm arai norms before launched to run on road lol. second tata nano own website tata clearly state not to retrofit any lpg or cng in it why i dont know .but i think its better to wait for oem version

Posted: 3951 day(s) ago

Prasad Karnataka
i have a nano car.. i have fitted lpg kit in luggage space back side of the seat.. 8000 km run in gas.. there is no problem in running.. more details contact 09480813754

Posted: 3945 day(s) ago

Jatin Sareen
Hey I want to buy a car with lpgkit should I go for nano cuz m jst 16 years old nd currently I have avenger bike m thinking to sell mah avengernd purchase a car with a good average plzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzz tell me on 07696161617 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Posted: 3915 day(s) ago

I Strongly Feel that TATA - NANO is a Safe Vehicle. As said by an Expert TATA ' S Will not manufacture unless it is Safe and user friendly. Thanks to SRI RATAN TATA who made his dream project success. It is the indian mentality to Criticise All Cheap modes - Particularly Made of INDIA . If at all the same invention was done by a Foreign company and decides to sel in india with collaboration , Probably all of us will be waiting in long Ques to book for self.
When it comes for advising we suggest a lot. This was not to comment some body but request to realise the fact behind introduction of NANO .

At the cost of a Premium bike & with the similar Maintenance cost you are getting a comfort of car . Please realise the facts.
Coming to the actual issue of using LPG in NANO -- It is the companies advise to not to Use . Moreover ther are few experts who shared their experience who are already using the same. But Particularly NANO is made to run for short distances and for city trafics. Under these conditions -- Eexpecting Economy for short distances may not be worthy , when compared to safety aspects.

Posted: 3915 day(s) ago

is it safe, when i fit lpg gas kit my nano car

Posted: 3912 day(s) ago

if a sequential kit is used, it should give 20-22 kmpl right away with no change in pickup or 10% reduced pickup due to the fuel's properties. Maruti Duo used a 20L tank, Probably that could be fit above the engine. LPG stations should be available every 200-300 kms. So, should not be a problem even in highways. Only doubt is whether RTO would approve this.

Posted: 3908 day(s) ago

what are all colors in nano

Posted: 3901 day(s) ago

TATA NANO is a super car of India. we all have to say many thanks to Mr.Ratan Tata & team of engineers. TATA'S have really ventured into a friendly car for Indian Citizens. at moderate rate & aprtfrom that it is suitbale to drive according to the Indian road conditions. we have to respect our indian technology first & follow the principle strictly first to BE INDIAN BUY INDIAN .TATA motors making contineous efforts how to improve further NANO cars & R&D is very strong enough to boost the product in the market in higher volume. for your information whatever the fire accidents happened ealrier in NANO car were not the fault of Manufacturing defects of TATA motors but it happend due to leaving some waste oiled cloth inside the engine & also customer has made changes in Electrical fittings after sales. THEREFREO NO BODY NEED TO MISUNDERSTAND THAT TATA NANO IS GETTING FIRE OR OR NOT GOOD. ANY MORE CAN BE DOEN TO NANO INCLUDING FITTING OF LPG KIT WITH PROPER SUPERVISION & THROUGH AUTHORISED SERVICE OUTLETS.

Posted: 3899 day(s) ago

plz dont play with youy life .

Posted: 3888 day(s) ago

Vicky Malhotra
Nano is a wonderful replacement for a family of 4 traveling on a bike exposed to rain & heat & pollution. Most of the guys criticizing NANO are criticizing there own self. The world is all praises for NANO but the people of the country which makes it are not proud about it....That's why the foreigners say "Bloody Indians", We are ourselves making a fool of us.It is something like a son is abusing his own mother. .

Posted: 3840 day(s) ago

Vinod Kumar
here is an option to fit LPG in the front bonet area. but you have to remove your spare tyre. As the LPG cylinders can be custom made and come in variable sizes. So i believe there is an option for LPG conversion. But one can come to the conclusion only after looking at the space area.

Posted: 3813 day(s) ago

We are Indians only know how to demoralise our own people. Anyhow I'm proud to say only India and True Indians can do this kind of miracle.
Its a Beauty and real State of art with lot of Challenges.
Its just GREAT.

Posted: 3761 day(s) ago


Posted: 3761 day(s) ago

NANO is a wonder by indian auto maker. In fact NANO is most suitable for daily running up to 50 to 60 kms. If your running is in this range then there is no need to change fuel. Overall the running cost remain same. If it is more then you can think of it. The best place to fit LPG cyllinder is in luggage compartment behind back seats with proper insulation. It is best to contact good mechanic / converters and take opinions from 2 to 3 peoples.

Posted: 3761 day(s) ago

Aeajaz Batcha
y do people dnt consider the space behind the rear seat, which we use for lugguage that can also be used to install lpg or cng kit. By the way which will b a cheaper one CNG or LPG IN TERMS OF KIT CHARGES N PER KIIOMETER N MILEAGE

Posted: 3759 day(s) ago

Satish Kumar
this is satish kumar from bangalore i fitted lpg in few cars with auto lpg 50 lit. tank and trodel tank, with sequntail kit . good milage and safe to drive M 9945451013

Posted: 3692 day(s) ago

Satish Kumar
this is satish kumar from bangalore i fitted lpg in few cars with auto lpg 50 lit. tank and trodel tank, with sequntail kit . good milage and safe to drive M 9945451013

Posted: 3692 day(s) ago

hi im anirban from kolkata,fitted lovato lpg kit in my nano lx.tank is at froant side of 25 ltrs .it is fully safe. getting 18-19 in non ac in city drive ,pickup as like as petrol version.09830524278

Posted: 3636 day(s) ago

itne acchi car ko logo ne bina matalab ke bura bana rakha hai ye kar vo sab kar sakte hai jo ek 4 - 5 lakh ki car kar sakte hai so people go for it . apko apne faisle par garv hoga ki aap nano owner hai

Posted: 3607 day(s) ago

K.ramana Babu

Posted: 3607 day(s) ago

Harsit Sharma
Hitesh ne bilkul sahi kaha hai.... ye who durbhagya sali Indians hai jo apne ghar ki desi greeki roti ko chod kar dusro ke ghar ki bani roti khane mai aapni saan samjte hai. India 1200 salo tak yese hi gulam nahi raha.............aaj bhi gulam hi hai....... YAARO... EK DESH PEHLE DESH KI SOCHO..........

I am using Nano Lx last 3 years running on highway constant 2000 kms on speed 100 from Mumbai to Rajasthan every month and daily running 60 km in Petrol. Avg. 23 overall with AC...BEST PERFORMANCE.....I was never face problem...nowhere stop........on the highway when I m passes on all big cars look at me they are behind me in just a seconds. :)- this happened not becoz of speed its happened due to size small wonder passes narrow roads......they surely think that time to buy this......Superb experience...........

Everybody Indian who want to Dream driving just first go for test drive all cars that u feel better then Nano.....and after test drive of all costly cars even alto/Swift /Accent / WagonR/ Invova/Beat/i10/Eon/spark any of at LAST you must test drive Nano both in City crowed area min. 50 km at list, then go to Highway test drive min. 50 km.............I will sure final you go for NANO only.. you got surprised even others to see you surprised.

Because its a CAR OF THE CHENTURY, GOOD THINGS COMES IN SMALL PACKAGE... big problem is that its cost reaches by middle class family, rich family cant' to see this. we are Indians look at status in social, Judge the person by there car and money.... not by there thought.. and Miracles... and Country Love.

Very soon in coming year when Tata Megapixel (Avg.100) and Nano Diesel (Avg. 40) and Electric launch, every body want to buy only Nano in India. India will be known by Nano....all over roads you seen only Nano also in Taxies and replace of all two wheelers family.

Nano will be symbol of India all over the world in coming 5 years remember all of you above.....SHRI RATAN TATA Vision is very long way...... Salute him.

Posted: 3592 day(s) ago

I own for the last one year , great city driving is 18 km / ltr city. Easy to drive n park. Salute to Tata..

Posted: 3558 day(s) ago

i own nano last three years. even drive fro pune to darjeeling. driven 1000 km in a day continously absolutely no problem vehicle. MH 12 GF 0068 TATA NANO CX 8348800010/ 7895688690

Posted: 3539 day(s) ago

Basheer CV
I was reading all these posts. Quite interesting. I bought a second handed NANO cx as a second car. Believe me, now it is my favourite car. I also own an INNOVA. Now we use it for only family trips. I love NANO, for its vast space inside, the simple driving and its cute body; can park anywhere easy.. Really comfortable drive in city. Bit noisy, comparing to swift n all, but spacious than alto and such cars. End of the day, you are paying less than 2000 dollars for a car!!! Really happy with my NANO.

Posted: 3462 day(s) ago

I owned nano it is very very good thanks to ratan Tata.

Posted: 3338 day(s) ago

Khalid Sawani
I m lazy in writing but if it comes to nano . I write proudly that I own Nano since 2 yr..10000 km run
No maintainence .only changed oil once that also after 8000 km ,rough & tough

Posted: 3268 day(s) ago

Can i fit AC in my nano as my nano is Non AC. Plz help by calling me shailesh- 09860273460.

Posted: 3266 day(s) ago

Hi all, greetings
I was one of the the first lucky 10,000 customers and have been really happy with my nano performance, but my biggest problem is that I have a base model and don't have AC. It is too bothersome when it rains (due to mist formation) or during hot days (neither I can open the windows or can close due to hot wind). I sincerely request any of the users who got AC fitted to their basic model to guide me. Please drop a message to my cell, and I will call you back. Thanks a lot in advance. Please, please, this is my humble request as I have family of 5 who travel in this and 4 of them are aged. Please drop a msg to 08553705080 with your convenient time of call so that I can seek your advice and guidance to get this fitted to my car.

Posted: 3021 day(s) ago

nano cng best car in india in my opinion.
it can be number 1 if power steering is provided

Posted: 2667 day(s) ago

nano is best car for comport, drive ,setting but not good in overtake it is best car

Posted: 2608 day(s) ago

I have converted my tata nano std 2012 model to lpg 60 lit tank is fitted behind the back seat and works great pickup is same as petrol and the milege is 28 kmpl very fine.

Posted: 2560 day(s) ago

My friend also fitted lpg kit in tata nano 2012 cx model works fine gives milege in city 26 with full ac and pickup is also great no diffren as petrol 60 lit tank behind back seat

Posted: 2560 day(s) ago

Jo person Nano me lpg lgva chuka ho ya lgata to plz call me 8171091729.mujhe bhi lagvane h so plz share our experience.

Posted: 2548 day(s) ago

I have nano lx 2012 registered in Karnataka please let me know if anyone able to fix lpg tank to this car with RTO approval s

Posted: 2351 day(s) ago

FAiz Ahmed
I HV new Tata Nano my running is 150 km per day I wt to install LPG kit. Pls suggest me who r Already using LPG kit in Nano

Posted: 2174 day(s) ago

Early buyer, when Nano was launched, more than 78,000 kms driven, totally 500 kms done, many times, outstanding car, thanks to Ratna Tata, good for our pockets
Interested in LPG

Posted: 1489 day(s) ago

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