I bought a Grand i10 magna recently and please suggest me a

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I bought a Grand i10 magna recently and please suggest me a good audio setup in budget of around 15-17k
I want a good headunit, speakers and subwoofer and amplifier(if needed)
I am also looking to add a reverse camera in future so please suggest me a good setup.

Thank you
  • 1700 day(s) ago by PRAKHAR
Under: Hyundai Grand i10 #Cars
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Hi Prakhar. There are plenty to choose from in the market. You can opt for JBL, Blaupunkt or Sony systems. Suggest you approach a well known after market accessories dealer in your city. He should be able to cater to your needs.

Posted: 1700 day(s) ago

Better buy and get it fixed at the show room where you bought the Car, so that the wiring is done by them.
This will save your warranty as the responsibility is on the Dealer and you are protected.
If some small electrical problem happens then the dealer will say , you got it fixed outside and the warranty is Null and Void.
So better get it at the dealer and Haggle a lot on the Quote by the dealer

Posted: 1700 day(s) ago

I Am Not Expert Of Cartrade
Well with that budget you have to go for things in installments

1. I suggest you to buy a decent set of components and 4 channel amp.Two channels would go for components and Bridge the two channels for Subwoofer.
Products from JBL, Infinity etc. are pretty good( avoid sony, pioneer for the above products)
Note: You will need a hi-lo converter as the stock headunit does not have pre-outs(alternatively choose amp with speaker level inputs)
a good set of componets upto=4-8K
4 channel amp = 6-10K
Hi-lo convertor= 3.5K
(If you are going above the budget then leave the subwoofer as a next upgrade)

2. You can change your stock Head unit to after market one. Since you want reverse camera(or integrated) then opt for touchscren head units. They would cost you around 20-30K
You will need a dashkit to install the new HU which will cost you around 2K
If you skipped the Sub in #1 , now it's the time to rock the car.

3. Damping: While people don't consider it, but this thing helps a lot. Damping atleast front doors and boot(incase of sub) produce phenomenal increase of sound clarity. This should cost you around 4K

P:S Pricing is just a estimated figure, street prices are may be lower.
P:S2: Retain the rear speakers or replace the rear with front speakers.
P:S 3:Installation is one of the main thing in audio setup, if your installer messed up this thing, then your money goes all down the drain. Heck even tuning makes difference. Please select a reliable installer.

Posted: 1699 day(s) ago

I Am Not Expert Of Cartrade
Edit: Just saw you have Magna variant
So the there are substantial corrections to be made.

Note:While everyone has diiferent taste in music, but the neutral sounding products fit all.
Head Unit: Look for Single Din or Double Din: Starts from 4K and 6K respectively.
Pioneer and Kenwood are recommended
Speakers:6.5" Size
Front: Look for components Infinity Reference 6500cx, IIRC they were available for than 4K on of the e commerce site
Rear: Coaxial Speaker will do the job. JBL, Ground Zero , Infinity. 1.5-2.5K

Amplifier: IIRC Ground Zero 4 channel amp was available for 6K online JBL 804ez is also quite good. Pricing 6K-10K
Wiring: 2.5K

Sub: 4-5K JBL 12" or Pioneer or Infinity

Damping(optional) 4K

You will exceed your budget from all the stuff from HU to SUB. Ideally all the equipment with good quality products will cost around 30K or little lesser.

P:S Installation and tuning should be right, else your money goes down the drain.

Posted: 1699 day(s) ago

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