Dear experts I am a skoda Superb V6 2 5 TDI user and

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Dear experts,
I am a skoda Superb V6 2.5 TDI user and really need some answers from you.
My car has done almost 274.000 Km and been working fine the only fault that i had before was the needle lift sensor but still working just fine. Lately shows in the dashboard the fault Emission Workshop and after some drive comes up with the glow plug signal and later almost all the fault signal shown up and it shuts down the engine.
I'd appreciate if you guys have any answer for me.
  • 2451 day(s) ago by Ardjan Dani
Under: Skoda Superb #Cars
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Hi Ardjan. A vehicle has many components that are interlinked and hence it is necessary that every component stays in good shape to perform well. In your case the problem seems to be with the first warning lamp that flashes on the dashboard, which when ignored affects the other components and eventually results in engine stoppage. Suggest you take your vehice to an authorized center and get the problem rectified at the earliest. The problem may be small like a glow plug issue, but its better to get all the components inspected to eliminate worry.

Posted: 2450 day(s) ago

Ardjan Dani
Thanks a lot for you answer.
I have done the computer check and the Vag Com shows the Needle Lift Sensor fault open/short to ground and after listed some other faults but when reset or erased everything else but the Needle lift sensor. It is permanent since a year but the car has been working normally.
may be i should start replacing that injector where the needle lift sensor is installed.

I'd appreciate your suggestions.
Thank you in advance

Posted: 2450 day(s) ago

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