Kindly help me I m planning to buy a used HM

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Kindly help me....
I'm planning to buy a used HM Ambassador (2003 to 2010) within this model & restore it completely with features & Toyota or Isuzu diesel engine (I'm residing @ Bangalore)..
My question are as follows.
1. This is my first car, I'm planning to use it for long term & can I stick to this plan ?
2. Now HM stopped production of Ambassador,
will I be able to source for spares in near future ?
3. My budget for the car is max 1 to 2 lacs & restoring budget is as same 1 to 2 lacs, Is this
worth doing ?
4. Where can I find a good/expert mechanic for amby ? Can anybody refer me to any good
mechanic if u would know them personally ?
5. I want the performance of the car to be quite a lil fast to match the other new makes/models.
So, I want to upgrade the engine with this figures (2.0 or 2.4 turbo diesel with 75 to 100 bhp
& a decent torque)
A) Which type of engine will meet my need c1, c2 bla bla bla.... & which is
best Isuzu or Toyota ?
B) Where can I source this engine from & where can I get it serviced &
what abt the spares for this engine ?
6) If this sourced engine weight is heavy, then the front suspension should be modified to hold
the engine & the evenly wearing out of tyres.
A) If so how to modify the front suspension?
7. How long will it take to complete all this work ?
Kindly help me & tel me what best can be done.......
Lots of thanks in advance for all the soul's who made an effort for replying me with your helpful details.....
  • 1414 day(s) ago by Saravana
Under: Hindustan Motors Ambassador #Cars
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Hi Saravana. Answers to your query:

1&2. Amby can last a lifetime provided it is well maintained and the spares are available. Given the sudden closure of the brand, finding spares would be difficult later.

3. You may end up spending more about 5-7 lakhs with the amount of change you have listed.

4. Amby Experts are fast becoming extinct. Finding a very reliable one would be difficult.

5. You can install a powerful engine but the chassis would not handle it and you may risk a major accident.

5. Not Possible.

6. The existing front suspension can handle it.

7. Depends on how good mechanic you get.

PS: I suggest you go for a new modern day car rather than worrying about fixing an older phased out version. You can go for Mahindra Thar, its rugged, powerful and reliable.

Posted: 1414 day(s) ago

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