I am about to buy Eco Sport 1500cc petrol Automatic Please

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I am about to buy Eco Sport 1500cc petrol Automatic. Please let me know whether it is a right decision or not.
  • 1440 day(s) ago
Under: Ford EcoSport #Cars
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It depends on your choices,if your are a driving enthusiast go for 1.5 petrol manual or 1.0 Ecoboost.Manual transmission gives you more mileage than automatics,but perfect shifts(changing gears at right time) does matter.I own a 1.5 p manual and extremely happy for my decision. :-)

Posted: 1440 day(s) ago

Hi,I own the 1.5L Petrol auto & it is one of the best petrol automatic you can buy right now because of the dual cluch transmision you barely notice any gear changes,driving the car in city trafic with ease. proud owner of The Ecosport.

Posted: 1439 day(s) ago

Hi. The car is very refined and reliable. You need not worry with this decision.

Posted: 1439 day(s) ago

I also own a 1.5 Petrol AT and am very satisfied wth the ride, drive and performance...the mileage could be better, but on long roads its is satisfyiing...

Posted: 1439 day(s) ago

It's one of the useless car one can buy . You may consider honda mobilio .

Posted: 1439 day(s) ago

Ford - have you experienced Ford Service, Ikon, Fiesta all they will suck your blood. They have nothing good to offer and if you decide to sell the beauty what have you nothing no takers not even one fourth the price. . Thenk me later buy a car that everyone likes. Not something that becomes a permanent LIABILITY....

Posted: 1439 day(s) ago

It is really weak... If u hit on its hood it will create a damp...u know about ford it is expensive to service it... Buy Nissan terrano

Posted: 1438 day(s) ago

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