What s about Power Torque of a car

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What's about Power & Torque of a car?
  • 1388 day(s) ago by Surajit
Under:   #Cars
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Hi Surajit. Power here refers to the measurement rate at which work is done, it is the rate at which energy is transferred by force. Whereas, Torque can be explained as the rotational force that is generated by the engine in form of transferred energy.

Posted: 1387 day(s) ago

POWER (the rate of doing WORK) is dependent on TORQUE and RPM.
TORQUE and RPM are the MEASURED quantities of engine output.
POWER is CALCULATED from torque and RPM, by the following equation:
HP = Torque x RPM รท 5252

Posted: 1387 day(s) ago

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