What is the difference between automatic n manual cars

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What is the difference between automatic n manual cars?
  • 1408 day(s) ago by Shlok
Under:   #Cars
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Hi Shlok. Manual cars are the ones that you may have often seen, they have gears from 1-5 plus a reverse option. The gears are shifted using clutch. Automatic cars would not have regular 1-5 gear pattern, it shall feature a gear knob with options like forward, reverse and parking, the function of a clutch is not present in such vehicles.

Posted: 1408 day(s) ago

In automatic car, there is no clutch pedal.
You can shift the gear lever only when the key is put & switch is turned on.
Usually there is four 5 mode ( P-Park, R- Reverse, N-neutral, D- Drive, M-Manual) & may vary in some models.
Shifting gear to either 'P' or 'N' mode, applying brake, you can turn ignition key to start the vehicle.
Once engine get started, applying brake, you have to shift the gear to 'D' mode (some gear lever have a press switch on it, which should be pressed while shifting gear). Now ready for Drive.
While in 'D' mode, just release brake, car will move forward without pressing accelerator. To speed up, press the accelerator. As the engine RPM reaches a particular value, the gear automatically shifts up, nothing to do with the gear lever. To slow down just take foot from the accelerator pedal and apply brake, the gear will automatically slow down.
In congested traffic, no need to press accelerator, just put in 'D' mode, keep foot on brake, just release brake to move.
To Reverse Put in 'R' mode.
You can not start the vehicle, if it is put in 'D' or 'R' mode.
In some automatic car, there is Manual /Sports mode. If you put it in this mode just gently push the lever forward to up-shift & backward to down-shift, without applying clutch (sorry no clutch).
In some automatic car, there is additional paddle shift / switches attached to the steering column to shift the gear up/ down if necessary.
In old model torque converter type automatic transmission, you can feel the gear shift. But in newer dual clutch models, the gear shift is smooth.
Note: Before driving the automatic cars, you should start the engine & keep it for a while to reach a running temperature, which will improve the endurance of the transmission system.

Mileage may be little less for the automatic, but the driving comfort is superb.

Posted: 1407 day(s) ago

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