hi this is pavan i m want to buy muv r suv my budget is

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hi this is pavan. i'm want to buy muv r suv .my budget is 20lakhs i'm confused between innova and xuv500 .suggest me which one should i buy
  • 1419 day(s) ago by Pavan
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Hi Pavan. Both the vehicles are from different segments. Innova is an MPV that is ideal for long highway runs. XUV500 is an SUV that is capable of handling offroading tasks too. Innova shall deliver slightly better fuel efficiency figures.

Posted: 1419 day(s) ago

then which one would u suggest me to but xuv500 or innova

Posted: 1419 day(s) ago

if you are looking for features and looks xuv 500 provides what one desires. if you want long highway drives innova is the one.

Posted: 1418 day(s) ago

is there any issues in xuv500?

Posted: 1418 day(s) ago

i came to know that electricals of xuv500 is poor .is that right ?

Posted: 1418 day(s) ago

Hi Pavan. No manufacturer sells defective vehicles on purpose. It is also wrong to generalize a particular flaw in any make. Flaws reported by some of the owners in the past have been rectified.

Posted: 1418 day(s) ago

Parag Lamba
i own XUV for lastg two years and 30000kms. no problem with the vehicle. whatever issue comes the dealership replaces the part without any issues. Wonderful service experience so far. This car gives a better feeling of ownership than a taxi image innova

Posted: 1417 day(s) ago

mr expert suggest me one from xuv500 or innova.guide me to buy a good car

Posted: 1417 day(s) ago

innova has the best highway driving experience and TOYOTA is a more trusted brand for its quality and reliability. XUV has more features and looks but I would consider innova.

Posted: 1417 day(s) ago

Hi Pavan, you may go for XUV 500

Posted: 1417 day(s) ago

what about after sales service .of both xuv500 and innova

Posted: 1416 day(s) ago

If your budget is 20 Lakhs, then go for Force - One SUV. Its an awesome vehicle.
Very spacious, Fuel efficient, Macho look.
Only the ground clearance is less, but apart from that its an awesome vehicle.

Posted: 1416 day(s) ago

To be very honest, I woud recommend an Innova because this is the only vehicle in India which has a fabulous price even after 3 years of using it. I have used 3 innovas in the last 9 years and the vehicles have been superb. Its a bonus because unlike other cars which depreciate, this one's value remains more or less the same. The Return on Investment leaves you very content. As far as service etc go, its very economical. It handles beautifully! Yes it has a Taxi look but get over that and it is a fun vehicle to drive. Not driven an XUV 500 so can't really comment on that!! Force One is not a vehicle I would suggest even to my enemies!! That is the kindest words I could have for that!!

Posted: 1415 day(s) ago

thank you friends for all your suggestions.

Posted: 1414 day(s) ago

go for xylo h4 it is more spacious than the two

Posted: 1403 day(s) ago

Buy a chevroltet Tavara. itis good thn toyta qoalis and tatta sumo nd boloro comandar marshal scorpio aur inovva se sasti bi he... inovva beykar he gadi mentenanc me. tavera best. nahi to 20 lakh me truck kharid lo.

Posted: 1066 day(s) ago

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