Sir which car is better for 5 passengers 1 diesel or

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Sir which car is better for 5 passengers?
.1).diesel or petrol car?
2)in rural areas low maintenance with good milege?
3)6-7 lakhs.
Without engine noise in inside of car.
  • 1429 day(s) ago by JEYAAR Kpm
Under:   #Cars
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If your average running is less than 20000 kms a year go for petrol version.No point spending heavily on diesel engines if the running is not much.

Posted: 1429 day(s) ago

Hi Jeyaar. Diesel engine would pass on sounds inside the engine over a period of time. In case you do not intend on driving the vehicle over 50-60kms everyday, a petrol version should suffice your needs.

Posted: 1428 day(s) ago

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