Hello i want to buy a sedan car and my budget is between

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Hello i want to buy a sedan car and my budget is between 10-17lakhs.I am confused between my choices are rapid,cruze,octavia,toyota altis,hynduaielantra plz suggest me best car
  • 1467 day(s) ago by Sanjeev Khurana
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Hi Sanjeev. You may pick any among Rapid, Cruze or the new upcoming Corolla Altis.

Posted: 1467 day(s) ago

Checy Cruze performs top among all cars.

Posted: 1467 day(s) ago

Please don't waste too much money, go to Huyandai xcent top mofel, or Huyandai Verna

Posted: 1466 day(s) ago

I would suggest you to go with Toyota Altis. You will never regret

Posted: 1466 day(s) ago

I would suggest u to go with skoda octavia

Posted: 1466 day(s) ago

Hi Sanjeev. I would strongly recommend for you to go for the Skoda Octavia, since it has excellent road grip, good mileage and excellent drive. It definitely tops all the cars you mentioned in your list. Mr. Vinoth i would not agree to you because Skoda is a better brand name and well know than Chevy cars. So i would strongly advice you to do your research on the same. I am saying this to you because this is my daily thing to research and read about cars. Back to you Sanjeev, please go for the Octavia blindly and you may also consider Toyota also. They are also reliable cars in the market.

Posted: 1466 day(s) ago

I bought a Skoda Rapid petrol top model about 2 months ago and I am pretty happy with the car. Considering your budget, I would suggest take a pick from either the new Corolla Altis or the new Octavia. Having seen the Octavia myself at the showroom, it looks very classy and will generate a style statement for sure. You can wait to see the Corolla Altis which will be launched this month and then decide among the two. I would not recommend buying a Chevy or Hyundai. The other 2 brands I mentioned are good, classy and upbeat. Toyota we will know is value for money and they provide excellent after sales service. I drive an Innova too so I know. Good luck and enjoy your car!

Posted: 1466 day(s) ago

I will never suggest hounds. Skoda rapid and chevr cruze r worst in after sale service. Better go for Toyota corrola which is the best among ur selection.

Posted: 1465 day(s) ago

I think u should go for rapid....

Posted: 1464 day(s) ago

Toyota for all good reasons that you may think of..

Posted: 1463 day(s) ago

cruze is better among the specified choices.
If you could spend a little higher, the JETTA will be the perfect choice.


Posted: 1463 day(s) ago

Skoda octavia oozes premiumness so does the corolla altis,both are reliable though ass of skoda is not as trustworthy as toyota but skoda octavia itself has a tank like build.

Posted: 1463 day(s) ago

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