hi experts Thank you for your replies i m going

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hi experts,
Thank you for your replies..
i m going purchase for grandi10.
i have a doubt grandi10 have a KEYLESS ENTRY AND PUSH START/STOP
is it safe.. to purchase..?
is there any advantage please tell me i have doubt on this only otherwise car is fantastic.. thank you
  • 1513 day(s) ago by Mahesh Rajani
Under:   #Cars
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Keyless entry from Hyundai suffers from the disadvantage that if the battery in the remote is dead,you can't get into the car in any way as there is no emergency keyhole, as in the case of other vehicles having keyless entry,like Chevy CRUZE, there is an emergency keyhole one in the driver door(to enter) n one under the driver armrest (to start the engine), these are absent in the Grand, so if it is a mere headache once you end up with a dead remote battery.

Posted: 1512 day(s) ago

Before buying Hyundai, have you checked their global image in terms of safety, stability n quality ?

Posted: 1512 day(s) ago

These remote keyless-entry systems use radio waves that typically are specific to a manufacturer, and the signals are usually encrypted. When your vehicle’s key fob is within 20 feet of the car, you’re allowed to transmit a signal to unlock the doors, pop the trunk, remote start your car (when equipped) or activate the car alarm.

Researchers at ETH Zurich discovered that these encrypted signals are easy to intercept and trick.

The theft works by setting up two antennas, one near the targeted vehicle and one near the holder of the key fob — be it in a purse, bag or pocket. This equipment can usually be purchased for $100 to $1,000. The person with the antenna aimed at the owner of the key fob needs to get within 26 feet of the target. In a store, this could be a few aisles away, so as to not arouse suspicion.

Once the antenna is near the intended victim’s key fob, the key transmits a low-power signal to the antenna, which is then relayed to the antenna near the vehicle. Once that occurs, the thief can unlock the doors and drive away (if the vehicle has push-button start).

Posted: 1512 day(s) ago

Hi Mahesh. You need not worry. The technology has been tried and tested by manufacturers across the globe.

Posted: 1512 day(s) ago

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