Sometimes i felt that my new car moves ahead on first gear

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Sometimes i felt that my new car moves ahead on first gear even if it is in full hand break. Is it possible or there is problem with hand break?
  • 1518 day(s) ago
Under: Maruti Suzuki  #Cars
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Use Clucth instead of hand brake

Posted: 1518 day(s) ago

Hand brake is fa rear tires which provides only 40% braking power so a vehicle can easily move in 1st gear while hand brake is applied...

Posted: 1518 day(s) ago

answer, as said by Fayaz.
Hand brake is not for stopping a vehicle in motion. It is used only while parking along with the Engine brake or to assist hill climbing. You can adjust the tension of the hand brake.

Posted: 1518 day(s) ago

Kabir Sharma
Thank you very much Expert(s), its very helpful for newcomer like me.

Posted: 1518 day(s) ago

Hi Kabir. Ideally the vehicle should not move with an handbrake on. You may have to get your vehicle checked for technical problem in handbrake. The vehicle does jerk forward slightly with handbrake-on but the engine shuts off immediately since it cant move forward.

Posted: 1517 day(s) ago

No, I can't fully agree with the expert. You can drive with the parking brake on, especially in those vehicles with high engine power. The vehicle will give a warning light +/- beep sound. In small car there can be jerking while trying to drive with hand brake on, but still you can. As I already said, you have to check the tension of the handbrake cable system.

Posted: 1517 day(s) ago

I too dnt agree expert here... Coz i hav run the vehicle while the hand brake waz on fa about 8 kms and mine was new car............ Expert dnt faget rear wheel only provide 40percnt braking power...

Posted: 1515 day(s) ago

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