what is relation between clutch and engine why maximum

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what is relation between clutch and engine ? why maximum use of clutch is give less avarage ?
  • 1543 day(s) ago
Under:   #Engine-related
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The excessive wear of clutch plates due to clutch riding would lead to lesser transmission of power from engine crankshaft to gearbox and to road wheels.The frictional losses would increase and hence reduce in mileage.

Posted: 1542 day(s) ago

Engine is meant to privide power.... Dat is fuel burns in engine cylinder n dis moves piston n piston inturn rototes crankshaft.... But this power provided by engine needed to operate smoothly n in controlled manner otherwise power provided by engine z use les... Here comes the role of clutch the clutch transfer dis power to tires smothly n in controlled by the principle called friction.... The gearbox converts engines power into speed n engines speed into power vice versa...

Posted: 1540 day(s) ago

very smart answer mr syad.......

Posted: 1540 day(s) ago

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