Wv polo has 3 cylinder engine and all other hatchbacks have

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Wv polo has 3 cylinder engine and all other hatchbacks have 4 cylinder engine.Is 3 cylinder technology is old? Is it make any differance?
  • 1524 day(s) ago by Mukund Bedre
Under:   #Cars
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Generally 3. Cyl engines tend to be more fuel efficient then 4 cyl engines.but the advantage with 4 cyl. Engine is more stable compared to 3 cyl one.

Posted: 1523 day(s) ago

3 cyl technology is the latest,more n more companies are banking on this,eg Ford EcoSport has a 1L 3cyl option in it's topend variant,advantage is one less cylinder so mileage is more also friction is also reduced so better pickup, this combination of pickup n mileage is what drives all the companies to develop 3 cyl engines, flip side is, vibration is more due to odd harmonics, but the insulation in Polo is so brilliant that those vibrations don't transmit inside the cabin.

Posted: 1523 day(s) ago

Vibrations are evident only at higher RPM.

Posted: 1523 day(s) ago

Both 3 cylinder and 4 cylinder engines have good performance.However the usage of latest technology available,preference of the manufacturers considering expected performance,space constraints,manufacturing costs etc matters.

Posted: 1523 day(s) ago

But 4 Cylinder Engine like Vento is always better.

Posted: 1523 day(s) ago

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