Cannot decide between Tata Safari Renault Duster and

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Cannot decide between Tata Safari, Renault Duster and Toyota Innova. Please help. I am not much fond of the Innova as it is an MUV.
  • 1557 day(s) ago
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Then, my suggestion would be that you go for Tata Safari. Its a refined and a improved version which is now launched,

Posted: 1557 day(s) ago

Simple Answer
Safari for passion
Innova for practicality
Duster for car like experience/drive
evaluate your requirements.

Posted: 1556 day(s) ago

Considering overall parameters, Tata Safari would be best selection for combination of performance,interior space,comfort and updated features.

Posted: 1556 day(s) ago

Is Safari reliable? I will be having it for around 10 years.

Posted: 1556 day(s) ago

How many seats in xiv 500

Posted: 1556 day(s) ago

First, Avoid current Safari and prefer Storme over it. The Outsides are same or similar to outgoing safari but lot of things have been changed mechanically.

Second, No, For 10 years Safari isn't a vehicle. It is for those who have time, patience and enough money that can be given to it.
It is the product for passionate folks who buys safari from heart and not from mind.

There are many examples and people who have faced major issue in their ownership.

So for the 10 Years, Innova makes the sense.

Posted: 1556 day(s) ago

The Safari Storme will be the best choice. Tata are working hard at improving their customer service too, so that's an added benefit.

Posted: 1556 day(s) ago

Go tata Aria

Posted: 1552 day(s) ago

Dear sir, please buy duster or teranno, they are the best in this category, ford ecosport is also great but you have to wait a pretty long time to get it. Aria is also a good vehicle, safari is best avoided in my opinion because it has a lot of niggling issues that will need a competent garage near your house

Posted: 1552 day(s) ago

Ravi From Chennai
Safari is an outstanding car. Its Most powerful and stylish. U can use it for at least 7 to 10 years. Dont compare with duster, its a baby against safari.

Posted: 1552 day(s) ago

Safari is for passion,innova for practicality and according to your preference,if usage is low and maintened properly then safari would be great choice.

Posted: 1552 day(s) ago

Tata is one of the oldest in the Business of car manufacturing, but has failed to get the reliability tag till date. The Tata cars look very nice, but once you have bought them, you keep on going to the workshop now & then. As for me.....Once bitten, twice shy.

Posted: 1552 day(s) ago

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