is there aproblem in buying new vehicle with 11months old

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is there aproblem in buying new vehicle with 11months old make
  • 1629 day(s) ago
Under: Renault Duster #Cars
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One has to check why the car is not sold for 11 months, accidental or something else fishy?
Check the Condition and carry out Pre delivery inspection exhaustively.

Only those cars rest in stock which have no or low demand, e.g. Fiat Linea TJET oo Petrol variants from Fiat.
Since you have asked question under Renault Duster so a Duster Petrol but certainly not diesel can be said OK.

If the overall condition is good that is vehicle is NEW, not used then tyres and battery are the two things that take the burn or hit, so check the condition of tyres visually or go for swap immediately after delivery.

Take a good friend and car expert whom you think can assist personally.

Posted: 1629 day(s) ago

there is problem if you don't pay the money whn u buy car. 11 months old, it is not new car, it is old car, buy brand new, go to factory and pay there and buy there, you will not pay agency, saving is there and not from agency.

Posted: 1629 day(s) ago

Ravi From Chennai
I suggest pls dont buy this. When u pay for the car pls demand as fresh as possible. U wl face 2 problems. 1. Battery will be exhausted very soon. 2 . Tough selling later

Posted: 1629 day(s) ago

Ravi whatever pls do not write same to same. I think AD is correct only additional point to check body panels for repainting.

Posted: 1629 day(s) ago

There wont be problem is all details are got.Check weather its used as a test drive vehicle or not.Ask for vehicle history.After doing negotiations it would be worth buying if available at good price as compared to latest one.

Posted: 1628 day(s) ago

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