I purchased a new q3 highline in August 2013 now it is

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I purchased a new q3 highline in August 2013, now it is time to take extened warranty for additional two more years. For me, I am only driving the car and run only 1000 km per month. Is it beneficial for me the extended warranty cost me Rs.42000
  • 1573 day(s) ago by Manu
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It's not necessary to take extended warranty, since your usage is less, your car spares will have more durability.

Posted: 1573 day(s) ago

These Germans seem reliable but you never when they give sudden brakedown, A Rs. 30 Lakh cars parts would be as expensive as its cost. e.g. Transmission failure in BMW gives a bill between Rs.4-6 lakhs depending upon model.

For Rs. 420000 it is worth it. Consider it as a insurance only for a separate breakdown and peace of mind.

Posted: 1573 day(s) ago

Syed Ahmed
Hi Manu,
With my personal experience i can tell this will not be required for your kind of driving and the kind of car you own. I have owned a Fiat Punto and a Suzuki Swift for almost 3-4 years each, never needed to use the extended warranty. No offence meant to anyone but have seen my friends use their extended warranties on their Mahindra's and Tata's which are known for their reliability issues.

Posted: 1573 day(s) ago

Considering the cost of spared of Audi Q3 and probable bil in case of brakedown, its recommendable to get a Extended Warranty.

Posted: 1573 day(s) ago

M Ansari Hyderabad AP
no need to extend, just forgot everything and drive it bravely

Posted: 1573 day(s) ago

AD or what ever your name the amount is 42000 and not 420000 zero makes a difference.

Posted: 1572 day(s) ago

It's a typo, which is obviously understood from the point of context of said answer
A Common example communicating common sense is not so common


Posted: 1572 day(s) ago

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