What is abs when is work

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What is abs& when is work
  • 1632 day(s) ago by Deepak
Under:   #Cars
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ABS stands for Anti Lock Braking system, simply prevents the wheels from locking under hard braking.

Posted: 1632 day(s) ago

To understand the principle of ABS thoroughly please check this video, it is a test done to show the significance of ABS:



Posted: 1632 day(s) ago

ABS prevents locking of brakes when applied on wet and slippery roads and hence give more stability to vehicle while applying brakes while moving fast.Please check link below for detailed analysis about the same.


Posted: 1632 day(s) ago

Ravi From Chennai
ABS is anti lock braking systems. This 100% avoids skidding of car at high speed braking thus your car is perfectly under ur control and stops quick also.

Posted: 1631 day(s) ago

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