I have purchased 2nd hand Wagon R LX 2005 model 1 lak KM

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I have purchased 2nd hand Wagon R LX 2005 model (1 lak KM run) petrol without power steering of Rs. 85000/-. I have invested approx. Rs. 25000/- more and changed its all tyres tubes, detailed servicing, engine oil, coolant, all filters, paintings, denting, lighting etc. now car is running very smooth in city and highway. In city it is giving average 14 km and on highway it is 16-17 km. On yamuna-express way from Agra to Delhi, I drove it to maximum speed of 110 km and reached Noida from Agra in less than 2 hours. I found on high speed, wagon r balance or grip on road is not good. my car was jumping on highway and tightly hold the steering to control the vehicle. Is it true that wagon r is not good to drive on high speed on city or highway. as soon I am going to buy new Wagon R.
  • 1572 day(s) ago by Ashulipik
Under: Maruti Suzuki Wagon R 1.0 #Cars
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Hello Ashulipik,
1. I recently drove my i10 on Yamuna Expressway even touching 160km/h
and found the same bounciness, but my car is hardly 6 months old with merely 6200kms on ODO
I would rather blame the concrete tarmac, undulating bridges joints and occasional shifts to bituminous road.
These all factors added a bumpiness in ride and high road noise.

2. Wagon R being tall boy carrying high center of gravity and soft suspensions does give feeling of nervousness at speeds above 100km/h.

3. As with the age of car and your words, the strut/shockers may need attention. Simply Google Bounce Test, follow the wikihow link and you'll know.

4. Go for Wagon R, its the most practical Hatchback with K series motor giving 20kmpl on highways but lacks low end punch of erstwhile but one adapts easily to it.

Posted: 1572 day(s) ago

In used/worn cars steering and suspension needs replacement, tuning.& alignment.

Posted: 1572 day(s) ago

It wont be recommendable to drive at more than 100KMPH with Wagon R.Its better to keep lower speed but consistent maintenance of the same will help for in time journey.

Posted: 1572 day(s) ago

Ravi From Chennai
Dear friend pls avoid driving at such high speeds even if u hold a brand new car. These cars very ideal to drive @ 80 to 90 km speed. Pls remember the 0 halt distance is very long

Posted: 1571 day(s) ago

Thank You guys for showing the concerns about high speed driving, I would like to add Yamuna Expressway Speed limit for LMV is 100km/h. The Highway is Straight and no medians/joints or Public passing or Villages in between making it extremely safe except for one or two stray dogs.

Hence doing 100km/h on it is fairly safe given the fact your car is competent too, No! I am not talking about competency for attaining Speed but potential to feel pliant at those speeds like what the question is asked.

Certainly, No high speed driving.

Posted: 1570 day(s) ago

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