can I transform honda avaitor into four wheeler atv and

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can I transform honda avaitor into four wheeler atv
and what would be d budget req. for transforming it
i am from delhi
  • 1578 day(s) ago by Shivam Madaan
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It wont be possible to convert it to 4 wheeler in useable condition.It can be done as a experimental project with investment of around 1 Lakh.

Posted: 1578 day(s) ago

Shivam Madaan
what if i get the spare parts second hand
mr shiva

Posted: 1578 day(s) ago

Please check the review below for detailed analysis about the same.Its a report of a project on Go Kart.Honda Activa engine was used for the same.

Posted: 1578 day(s) ago

4 wheeler meaning you can do a double SHOLAY, one in right n one in left.

Posted: 1577 day(s) ago

Shivam Madaan
no i mean 2 wheels on front amd 2 9n back side

Posted: 1577 day(s) ago

Kiran INS
Is engine capacity enough to carry two passengers in four wheeler, this would be a project from scrap to sky.
A challenge, I like it, go ahead, but certainly not with aviator's engine. Get the Nano or M800 engine. You have to also equip it with 4x4 (atv relative)
Project would require cost in 6 digits.

Posted: 1577 day(s) ago

Shivam Madaan
no ideally it would be a two wheel drive bcoz d power from a 100cc engine would not be enough to give power all four wheels at a time

Posted: 1577 day(s) ago

The thing is that 100 cc engine wont be enough for project,u shud consider more likely sort of 250cc engine available.

Posted: 1577 day(s) ago

Shivam Madaan
Ty all for ur views. I will definitely be interested in views of urs

Posted: 1576 day(s) ago

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