Many cars are re launched with diesel option now Why not

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Many cars are re-launched with diesel option now. Why not the mfrs give the same benefit to the present customers by changing the petrol engine with diesel one @ reasonable cost?
  • 1592 day(s) ago by Ravi
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Changing petrol engine of existing cars to diesel engine needs technical modifications and considering the change in efficiency, repeated complaints before the engine set is considered and hence generally it wont be recommended by manufacturers.However a owner always has options to get the modifications as per their convenience and wish without warranty back up..

Posted: 1592 day(s) ago

If manufacturers give that option, what will they do of the excess stock pile up of petrol engines in their inventory?

Posted: 1592 day(s) ago

They will incur a loss by doing that.

Posted: 1592 day(s) ago

Mostly Fiat is supplying diesel engines to indian cars, be it maruti, tata, even VW if i am not wrong. Hence its purely call of Fiat.
Also this modification is costly, being petrol & diesel prices coming nearer to each other, this is not good value proposition.
Fiat multijet diesel engine in car provided there is good mechanic at individual level.

Posted: 1592 day(s) ago

Thanks for all the comments
Mfrs should decide positively. Also in future engines should be designed such a way that it should be convertible instead of replacing

Posted: 1592 day(s) ago

Get your facts right SDP, Fiat supplies engine to Tata n MS only, VW supplies engine to the world only, y would they buy a Fiat.

Posted: 1592 day(s) ago

1) RC changes have to be done for Engine no.
2) Robotic Fit cannot be achieved
3) Reliability is big question
4) What about about New manufactured and Old petrol engines
5) What about new car market for manufacturers- i.e. downfall.
6) Some components such as catalytic converter, exhaust system, gearbox may also need changes= Higher cost(read north of a lakh)

Manufacturers are working on Hybrid albeit Renewable(or less polluting) + Non Renewable combo.

Posted: 1592 day(s) ago

MS is also planning to discontinue taking engine from Fiat.

Posted: 1592 day(s) ago

Again thank you all
I suggest if change means all relevant changes including legal & to be done by auth service centre. This will give better value to the petrol car owners.

Posted: 1591 day(s) ago

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