When accelerating black smoke comes out of my Chevy Beat

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When accelerating black smoke comes out of my Chevy Beat ( Diesel ) exhaust? Bought car on 2011 OCT & Driven 38,000 KMS till now. I have given a complete service with all filters changed but still the black smokes comes. Please advice me.
  • 1606 day(s) ago by MUNISH ARORA
Under: Chevrolet Beat #Cars
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This is a common problem with all diesel cars after more than 15000km so don,t worry

Posted: 1606 day(s) ago

no it is not a common problem with diesel engines.
flush your engine with an engine chemical
use Mobil 1 0w 40 , for 12000 kms. oil is very expensive, the engine performance will become as new.
also change diesel filter
and get PUC check done

Posted: 1606 day(s) ago

Diesel Cars tend to give Black Smoke under acceleration. Most of the time Air filter is culprit.
Then i think for EGR Valve cleaning. Is it done till now? If not then get it done.
Beat Diesel already runs on synthetic oil as er my knowledge, so changing oil may not solve your problem completely.

Posted: 1605 day(s) ago

As mentioned in earlier comment,Air filter,EGR valve ,Silence needs to be inspected and repaired/replaced as convenient.

Posted: 1605 day(s) ago

Thanks to all.... sure I will check it. Thanks again.

Posted: 1605 day(s) ago

hello i am an owner of beat diesel car and nowadays there's lot of black smoke flushing out and with a rattling sound and i have inquired local workshops tow of them said its a problem with injectors and one said its a problem with an engine in total. what i should do

Posted: 795 day(s) ago

Akbar Ali
Sir my question is my Chevy cruze give black somke after all service so please tell me what is reason

Posted: 654 day(s) ago

White smoke problem... Which problem is this turbo or engine

Posted: 518 day(s) ago

Chevrolet beat diesel

Posted: 518 day(s) ago

hiiii my beat is very sick I mean it gives out smoke and even black oil is coming out from the silencer wht could be the reason the mechanic is saying engine work and cost 30k

Posted: 443 day(s) ago

I got the same problem with my chevy beat , its done 40k and when the turbo opens at 1.8-2k rpm cloud of black smoke is seen, did complete engine& sensors checkup. No culprit found

Posted: 432 day(s) ago

@christina check ur PCV valve it cn b the cause for oil burn
@Shiva shankar yea did replace air filter nd cleaned up EGR smoke reduced upto 75%

Posted: 432 day(s) ago

Praveen Jangid
My Chevrolet beat diesel heavy throw black blue smoke and very long cranking starting time why problem please help me

Posted: 361 day(s) ago

Dukhi Aatma
hi every one ,chervolet beat is the worst vechile in the world i never ever seen this kind of vechile in my life.so here my problem is When accelerating black smoke comes out of my Chevy Beat Diesel mechanic says turbo charger problem so i replace with new one now still black smoke comes out .....when accle

Posted: 252 day(s) ago

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