I have an ambassador car petrol model about 25 years old

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I have an ambassador car petrol model about 25 years old being used by my family for the past 12 years. The vehicle gets heated often after running for 7 to 8 km in city roads; especially during slow speed driving both in day time as well as in nights. As a result either the engine stops or fail to restart after switching off. It will restart only when its engine got cooled naturally after 1 to 2 hours of rest. Its HT coil, engine and radiator etc are getting over heated; but the water in radiator does not get boiled, known on visual inspection on opening radiator cap. The vehicle is not provided with coolant tank. Earlier I have been using servo/Castrol engine oils of grade suitable for petrol engines. But after knowing that duplicate oils are being market for these brands, I have switched over to BOSCH make oil presuming that use of duplicates oil might had made the problem. For the first time there was no problem with the vehicle. But later the vesicle shows the old complaint again. I have changed plugs, ignition coil, high tension cables, rotor arm, points & condensers.etc and cleaning radiator changing water pump kit etc; but all these are in vain. Local mechanics tried to solve the problem every time by replacing plugs, coils, oil, cleaning radiator etc.Is the recurring problem is due to any fault of the engine or it can be rectified by proving coolant to the radiator of the vehicle. The engine temperature comes below 80 degree centigrade. Even though the vehicles battery is 5 years old, it is in good condition. Now I am not in a position to purchase a new vehicle of the same brand and I am content with features of this vehicle.Would you please analyse this and furnish the reasons for this problem and suggest remedial solution for this!
  • 1667 day(s) ago by Visweswara Sharma T P
Under: Hindustan Motors Ambassador #Cars
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The problem seems to be more in engine block and cylinder head itself.It could be due to scaling formations due to prolonged usage,excessive carbon deposits etc.The best solution lies in getting cylinder head assembly de carbonisation done.In doing so mechanics would also have clear view of cylinder block oil and coolant circulation paths and can check range of scale formations and suitable remedy can be done as required.

Posted: 1667 day(s) ago

Ajanta Radiators
Hello Sir,
The Problem can be of Radiator also.
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Posted: 1499 day(s) ago

Ajanta Fans
A radiator fan upgrade, non functioning fan can also be the culprit.

Posted: 1497 day(s) ago

dear Friend just get the cylinder head gasket checked if damaged U might have to change or face the head in lyth also check the pump it must have choked or stopped working anyway I can tell its best to get the head repaired immediately and dont drive the vehicle before that

Posted: 1419 day(s) ago

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