Which is the best Hyundai i20 CRDi OR FIAT

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Which is the best ???

Hyundai i20 CRDi OR FIAT Punto Multijet
  • 1613 day(s) ago
Under: Hyundai i20 #Cars
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Hyundai i20

Posted: 1613 day(s) ago

Hyundai i20 is better on account of higher power, spacious interiors.

Posted: 1613 day(s) ago

i20 is the best. but better to put your money on Honda Amaze SMT diesel if your budget is 8 lakhs

Posted: 1613 day(s) ago

Hi Anup

trying my best to answer your doubts to your satisfaction.

Bought Honda Amaze Diesel SMT I Dtec. Its 1500 cc engine. it`s a sedan car. Enclosing below advantages and dis advantages, then you decide.

Exterior Look : 1) Is very Good
Interior Look : 1) Interior look is good

Advantage :
1) Good Power ; 98 BHP
2) Breaking Honda Amaze Diesel : comes with ABS and EBD breaking
3) Fuel average : in city is 16.1 kms & highway is 22 kms. Fuel saving in Diesel car is 14.286%
per year x 7 years = 100% saving in 7 years.
4) shock-up : are software and better than Dzire.
5) Clutch : Clutch oil make the clutch soft. I have not seen in Dzire or I may have to check. I also own a swift Dzire

6) NVH level, Clattering & Mileage : if one drives in one gear for a long time. To reduce the NVH and clattering -RPM meter helps you to reduce it by synchronizing the gears as mentioned below, you will feel the difference. It will also increase fuel efficiency. Initially you may find it hard, but once you get the hang of it, you will automatically reduce your acceleration and your car will automatically roll in one gear and eco lite will be constantly on. In this way your gear shifting will reduce. Focus a bit more on RPM and Eco Lite you will get the hang of it. When you shift to 1st gear you can pull your car to 1500 RPM. On 1500 RPM shift to 2nd gear. Then on every 2000 RPM change gear so you don't strain the engine. Only in climbing you can pull it to 2500 RPM. Most of the time eco lite will be on and average and engine life will be good and the drive will be very smooth.

Posted: 1611 day(s) ago

drive car 1500 rpm will give best fuel economy and change gear as told by ajay

Posted: 1588 day(s) ago

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