I had booked a car in a company name The dealer had paid

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I had booked a car in a company name. The dealer had paid RTO taxes. On the day of delivery I noticed that the bonnet was repainted. Also, the mirror was dented. When dealer's attention was drawn to this fact, he offered to replace the bonnet. We did not take delivery. Subsequently, dealer replaced bonnet and requested me to take delivery. He insisted that I should take delivery since RTO taxes are paid. The dealer went to manufacturer. The manufacturer verified PDI register and damaged vehicle register and certified on the basis of these registers that car was not damaged in transit and is in showroom condition. The manufacturer mentioned that bonnet was damaged by car dung and according to dealer, was replaced for customer satisfaction. Later, I was informed by manufacturer that mirror has also been replaced by the dealer.
I suspect there can be something seriously wrong with the vehicle. I am ready to forgo amount paid so far for the vehicle.

1) Am I legally right in refusing to take delivery of vehicle.?
2) Can dealer change parts of the vehicle after RTO registration or for that matter, after the date of proposed delivery and claim that vehicle is in perfect condition?
3) If I refuse to take delivery, I am not bothered about money I have paid so far. Can dealer force me to bear RTO tax? Also, dealer may have to sell the car by way of transfer from my company's name. Can he recover the loss from me?
I am absolutely unhapy with dealer approach and want to ascertain maximum loss that I can suffer if I do not proceed with this deal.

If PDI records cannot be modified subsequent to RTO registration/proposed delivery date, how can I identify and prove that such changes are made subsequent to the delivery date?
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A customer always has option to reject the car before paying full payment and taking delivery of the car.Once vehicle goes out with customer after all settlements, all manufacturer fault repairs comes under warranty.

PDI inspection is last certification by dealer ensuring vehicle is delivered in perfect condition.Any repairs done during and before PDI wont be considered.

As a customer, you have option to trust the dealer or not to.If not much confident about the dealer, you can reject the car and nominal charges as applicable would be deducted from booking amount.

Posted: 1608 day(s) ago

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