I am planing to buy a new car I have shortlisted 2 fo

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I am planing to buy a new car, I have shortlisted 2 fo them
- OPTRA LS (Diesel)
- Honda City 1.5 S
The thing is Optra has come to me with a very lucritive offer. They offer to give me a new car for 9 lakhs on road price but the make of the car is 2008.
Honda is costing about 8 Lakhs 80 thousand on road.
I am really confused which one to for. I looking out for a style statment car and comfortable to drive.
FYI my daily commuting is about 4 Kms.
QUICK response would be greatly appreciated.
  • 4411 day(s) ago by Pushpendra Jaiswal
Under: Chevrolet Optra #Cars
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Dear Pushpendra, Kindly proceed with Honda city ( Petrol Car )
As your running is low, then it doesnot make any difference in addition U will get a gud style symbol

Posted: 4409 day(s) ago

Dear Mr. Jaiswal, suggest you forget the optra as you are buying a pre-depreciated vehicle. A car loses significant value as the year changes and also after it leaves the showroom. You will be doing both in the same go. Also, as nishant suggests you do not need a diesel vehicle as you do not have the running required to get the benefits. Strongly recommended - go for the honda city - it will meet both your needs - a great style statement and comfortable to drive. I can also suggest you something if you are willing to go a bit above 9 lakhs. Ask your honda dealer whether he can give you a honda civic (2008) in a good price. See what that comes to and then make your decision.

Posted: 4409 day(s) ago

Go for Honda city becuase if u tried for optra means in future u will find difficulty to repair it.

Posted: 4409 day(s) ago

Go for the Optra anytime ...What an engine, 120+ PS power , brilliant torque and also i believe they give 3 yrs, zero cost promise . Why else would you choose another car ..

Posted: 4409 day(s) ago


Posted: 4409 day(s) ago

i suggest you to go for a honda--------it would have a good resale value and low maint......

for 4kms a day......cycle is the besy ;)

Posted: 4409 day(s) ago

just go for honda city...dont think so much as its da best option

Posted: 4409 day(s) ago

In this globally recession period u r trying to spend 9 lacs and that too on a car which is a liability. for 4 kms. per day either u should take a walk or do jogging it will be best for your complete health e.g. for ur heart, lungs and other vital parts of ur body. remember money is very precious even if u have it sufficient and can spent without hesitation. keep the 9 lac in safe place for best future needs and still now if u want to purchase something then go for either hero or atlas bycycle as first it will be the cheapest possible investment and health friendly and pollution free and easy to handle for meagre 4 kms. a day and second it will give a perfect style statement and others will also inspire from you (that a peson who can afford honda or optra is going by bycycle). see japan, who is making cars for all the world but people there mostly ride bycycles and actualy love it............. thanks...........its my personal intellectual suggestion only don't take it on heart think twice before investing for a too short distance of 4 kms. everyday.

Posted: 4409 day(s) ago

M Ravisankar
My suggestions for ur daily run of 4k are as,

1. Buy brand new Fiat Linea (top model) as it is in your budget & more stylish than this.

2. Buy battery operated REWA 2 seater car or if u can strect ur budget then buy FIAT 500.

Posted: 4407 day(s) ago

Hi,considering on road Price of Optra LS in Mumbai as 9.6 lac and Honda city 1.5 S at 8.68 (from sources) The offer for Optra doesn't make much of the difference as its 2008 make , but considering optra diesel version .which is quite a successful and reliable car , it makes worth considering. But considering Features and reliability of Honda city New city makes the better selection .

Posted: 4407 day(s) ago

TVS Motor
Please go for Honda City you'll have a good resale value.

Posted: 4405 day(s) ago

Optra Magnum
If you plan to run only 4 km a day, honda city is a better option. Optra Magnum would make sense if you daily running is at least 50 kms

Posted: 4378 day(s) ago

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