My que is I have two choice Chev Beat and UVA Which

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My I have two choice
Chev. Beat and UVA
Which better value for money nd overall?
With no compromise any features so plz suggest
  • 1649 day(s) ago by Amit
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Posted: 1643 day(s) ago

Chaverolet Sail U VA has better power, interior space, styling and on road image and hence makes a better selection.

Posted: 1643 day(s) ago

Cheapest to highest in Diesel Varient
1) Chevrolet Beat - PS expensive parts and has to be taken to Chevrolet garage. Even 1 screw of
battery terminal may cost you Rs. 900/- or else Tata indica EV2 best value for money LS. But in
Tata indica EV2 you can also opt for LX

2) Tata Vista LS is cheaper but no RPM meter. RPM Meter is available in TATA Indica LX. It helps in
Synchronizing the gears, so that you get maximum fuel efficiency. When you shift to 1st gear you
can pull your car to 1500 RPM. On 1500 RPM shift to 2nd gear. Then on every 2000 RPM change
gear so you don't strain the engine. Only in climbing you can pull it to 2500 RPM.

3) Tata Vista VX would be the best as it is the only car in the budget which comes with ABS and EBD
for the price.

4) However if you don't want mobile charging then buy just paying 70000/- more you can go for Honda Amaze EMT DTech. Always pay full Ex-showroom cost as Honda keeps on revising ex showroom cost. THE BIGGEST ADVANTAGE IS YOU GET ABS + EBD BREAKING. THE SAME BREAKING IS ALSO AVAILABLE IN TATA VISTA VX MODEL WHICH IS A MUST AS PER EUROPEAN AND AMERICAN STANDARDS.

Maintenance wise the cheapest
1) Tata Indica EV2 ( diesel)
2) Tata Vista LS – NO RPM meter
Tata Vista LX – RPM meter is available
Tata Vista VX RPM meter + ABS and EBD breaking ( diesel)
3) Honda Amaze EMT IDtech ( diesel) – dis-advantage to charging point.

Attached please find the file that may give you an inside on Honda Amaze and HOW TO CALCULATE insurance IDV ON EXSHOROOM COST, COMPARISON BETWEEN Petrol and diesel, if you are a person who drives 15000 kms a year.

Maintenance Suggestion
1) USE MOBIL1 0w 40 – Oil is very expensive. Cost Rs. 3750/- for 4 litres. And you change your oils after every 12000 kms. Once a year you will change oil filter and engine oil. Fuel efficiency also increases by 20%, maintenance cost goes drastically down.

If you need any help, please let me know.

Thanks & Regards
Ajay Rath
Email. :

Posted: 1638 day(s) ago

Shyamalendu Maity
no compromise with beat (mileage)

Posted: 1637 day(s) ago

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