What is the difference between tyre size 145 80 R12

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What is the difference between tyre size 145/80 R12 & 155/70 R13. Which is better? Does is make substantial difference?
  • 1716 day(s) ago by Laxman
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As the rating indicate, The sis size of tyre with R13 is higher and gives better looks and height for the car.

Posted: 1716 day(s) ago

I will discuss about the 145/80/R12
145 means the width of tread area (the portion that touching ground),
80 means aspect ratio, the height of tyre from tread to rim, expressed as % of width (145).
'R' stands for Radial, the construction type
12 means the diameter of of rim.
As the rim diameter increases, you have to decrease the profile of the tyre
Riding comfort may vary if you use a very low profile tyre.
If you are using Alloy wheels, wide diameter give a better look.
Changing tyre size as you mentioned may not cause any difference except its external appearance. Before changing tyre size you have to read the owners manual regarding the suggested tyre sizes for a particular vehicle. Some wider tyre may cause impingement, alignment problem, decreased fuel efficiency etc.

Posted: 1716 day(s) ago

Thank you sir for your valuable guidelines.

Posted: 672 day(s) ago

Can i use R13 tyre size instead of R12 in alto lxi?

Posted: 575 day(s) ago

Pavan Kadri
Can i use 145/80/12 for my nano 2014 model plz tel me

Posted: 221 day(s) ago

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