I am confuse between Honda Amaze SMT petrol version and

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I am confuse between Honda Amaze SMT petrol version and Dsire VXi Petrol version, please guide me for which car I should go for?
  • 1664 day(s) ago
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Can someone please provide guidance?

Posted: 1664 day(s) ago

Among the two, Honda Amaze is clearly a better option for the power,styling, interior fit and finish and overall ownership experience.

Posted: 1664 day(s) ago

Thanks for the response sir, during the test drive I found amaze petrol version engine has some noise, maybe it is. Test Car, does the amaze petrol engine has some noise?

Posted: 1663 day(s) ago

What is wrong with Dzire ?
If you find Amaze noisier, it means either its engine more noisy or insulation is not good.
Who can predict about its condition after few months/ years?

Posted: 1663 day(s) ago

Thanks for response but is it any engine noise in new Honda amaze petrol version?

Posted: 1662 day(s) ago

The sales executive might claim that the engine noise is due to it is a Test Drive vehicle, u must question him that after buying n using even your car would make the same noise.

Posted: 1662 day(s) ago

Th sales executive claim that there is no noise in new car but I want to check with you all, if anyone is driving Amaze or brio petrol can help with this questions. Pls provide guidance

Posted: 1661 day(s) ago

I too have read about the same problem while i was deciding between dzire and amaze and i finally went for dezire vxi. Mainly engine noise in the cabin,secondly service cost finally resale value.Im getting 21.6km/L on my vxi on highways.

Posted: 1659 day(s) ago

Buy Honda Amaze Diesel SMT its 1500 cc engine. it`s a sedan car
1) BUY Bajaj insurance on your own. you will save 5000/-
2) avoid road side assistance as Bajaj insurance cover it. you will save 1700 x 4 = 4500.
3) don't buy extended warranty you will save 7000/-. as in 1st & 2 yrs of Honda warranty you will learn whether the engine is perfect or defective. During the 2 yrs. Warranty, if you feel that you still want to go for an extended warranty before the expiry of your original Honda warranty, you can buy it.
4) Honda Amaze – Diesel comes with ABS and EBD braking
5) Fuel average is the best.
6) In Honda Amaze EMT and EXMT you do not get charging point. The roadside shopkeepers with a dual harness pull out a charging point, the 1st point goes to the deck and 2nd goes to the charging point. Both consume 12 Volts each from single wire that has 12 volts (single) fuse. Honda can void warranty which such alteration. And please avoid cigarette lighter for sure, as it requires 15 Volt. In such a scenario its better to by SMT petrol or diesel.
7) You cannot fit wheel cap in base variant.
8) Mr. Latish - LINK WAY Honda Andheri (east), Mumbai - 9223546209
This is the only way you can save money on Honda
Thanks & Regards,
Ajay Rath
Email. : ajayrath007@hotmail.com

Posted: 1646 day(s) ago

Thank u shivasankar sir

Posted: 1642 day(s) ago

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