For daily running of appx 70 km which car

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For daily running of appx. 70 km, which car Petrol/CNG/Diesel is best & why? Budget is 5.50 Lac max.
  • 1731 day(s) ago by Rahul Krishna
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For your budget, you can have 2 choice
1) used Diesel car like Swift Dzire / other with good mileage
2) Fuel efficient Petrol models cheaper than the Diesel.
availability of CNG may be a problem.

Posted: 1731 day(s) ago

Rahul Krishna
I am based in Delhi NCR where CNG is freely available. I would like to go for new car. Will you please re-suggest?

Posted: 1729 day(s) ago

You can consider the following suggestions.
1) Always prefer most popular models (more reliable)
2) Models with less maintenance & maintenance cost
3) Easy availability of service
4) Good resale value
5) Safety features (ABS, AIRBAG)
6) Avoid newly launched models
(Car offered by some companies may be cheaper to buy, but it’s like buying an inkjet printer, the recurring expense will be more).
7) Small car with good safety features, better than little bigger with less features.
As you select big car, the maintenance cost (oil, Tyre, clutch, brake pads, battery, suspension, other parts, labor charge...) increases proportionately.
8) For regular private use, Petrol is better for small car
a) Diesel / CNG car will cost >50,000/- than the corresponding Petrol models
(For 50,000/- bank loan, you have to pay >1,00,000/-; if ready cash, you can deposit in bank & get interest).
b) Even if you have to travel 70 km/day, it will take at least 3 years of continuous use of Diesel/ CNG model to become cost effective (considering the present fuel price)
c) Always prefer car with ABS & AIRBAG (You can buy petrol car with these features at the same amount you spend for the base model of CNG /Diesel)
d) Diesel is not good for small car, noisier, more vibration, more polluting, never as smooth as petrol.
e) As there is more use, more maintenance cost, higher for Diesel car
f) Now the price difference between the Petrol & CNG / Diesel is getting narrower & may be negligible after the election.
g) You can fit CNG kit to petrol models, if needed

So, my choice for this budget is,

Maruti Suzuki Stingray Option Pack (petrol)

1) Fuel efficient
3) Spacious interior
4) Easy to get in & out
5) Easy to park & ride in congested Indian cities
6) Good performance in highways also
7) New style & interior
8) Good resale value
9) maintenance cheaper
10) easy availability of service
11) many storage spaces & you can carry anything inside (furniture, cycle ..) due to its tall size
12) Good visibility
If you are not bothered about the recurring expense & safety features like ABS/AIRBAG,
Consider, Hyundai grand i10

These are my personal opinion, you should have your own considerations while buying a car, but always take decisions with brain not with mind. Take a test ride through highways & bad roads. Also try to travel in public transport system at least once in a week. Good luck!

Posted: 1729 day(s) ago

Considering the usage and range mentioned, if preference is for new car then it worth buying a Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 CNG version.If planing for a used car then you have plenty of choice in used car segment.

Posted: 1729 day(s) ago

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