i drive about 10000 kms per year i want to purchase swift

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i drive about 10000 kms per year.i want to purchase swift dzire. is it a good car in it's category? Also advice which one to choose between VDI & VXI.

  • 4692 day(s) ago by Shailesh Raina
Under: Maruti Swift #Cars
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Indeed its a good option inchoosing Dzire , VDI will be a better choice for long term usage , maintenance, fuel efficiency ,cost effectiveness in long term .

Posted: 4691 day(s) ago

Deep Grewal
hi! first do,nt bay a swiftdzire becoz u drive nearly abt 10000 km in a year nd i think swift is not good for this . u have baoght a skoda fabia . that`s one is much better then swift..... ok bye,.......

Posted: 4691 day(s) ago

Lovelesh Sahota
i suggest u to go with petrol version
bcoz dzire vxi also have dohc engine and the average is about 18km/l fter 2 service and
i also have vxi model go 4 it....vdi is 75000 costlier than vxi

Posted: 4691 day(s) ago

Ramesh Bobbili
Hi Lovelesh Are you sure that your Dzire Vxi gives 18 kms/lts, How much mileage you get in city and how much in highway, I am also in dilemma like Sailesh whether to choose Vxi or Vdi.

Posted: 4691 day(s) ago

I advice u 2 buy vxi or preferably zxi,bcoz the petrol version of dzire is more smooth and easy to drive than the diesel,but i agree diesel is also smooth but not when compared to petrol-if ur first preference is mileage its better to buy vdi or zdi,bcoz the petrol version gives only a mileage about 12 to 14.if ur preference is riding comfort better go for avxi or zxi model...

Posted: 4691 day(s) ago

Lovelesh Sahota
mr. ramesh
after 2 service it give 18 + mileage
in city nearly 16

Posted: 4690 day(s) ago

Hi Shailesh. I have had the same dilemma myself. Depending upon the city you are in the VDI costs 75-90 thousand above the VXI. So if your mileage is 10,000 and you do not anticipate this to go up significantly, then buy the VXI. I you are buying a diesel so that you go for more outings and see your mileage going up significantly (50% at least) then buy the VDI. Also an important question is "how long do you plan to keep the car". In your current mileage it would take at least 3-3.5 years to recover the price diff between VDI & VXI. So if you want to keep a car for at least 5 years, then the VDI could still be considered with your current mileage. But remember, for the first 3 years, you are just recovering the difference of diesel and petrol cars.

Posted: 4688 day(s) ago

Janeshwar Banshtu
hi it is useless to buy a diesel car for a person whose running is below 18000 km/annual.you should go for a patrol car.

Posted: 4678 day(s) ago

Its the most ugliest car i have seen in a long time. Its completely out of proportion, the front and the back look like 2 different cars. Donno know why anyone would want to buy a sick looking car like DZire, a 1980 contessa looks nicer & cleaner and better proportioned than this one.

Posted: 4669 day(s) ago

Vikas Saxena
Swift Dzire
The Golden rule is that if your monthly drive is less than 1500 KM than never think of Diesal Vehicle. Dezire VXI is good sedan.

Posted: 4668 day(s) ago

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