It is seen that car manufacturers give different H P s of

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It is seen that car manufacturers give different H.P s of engine for different speeds of the engine and different torques for different speeds.It is difficult to compare which engine is higher HP/higher torque due to this.Somebody will give 75 HP@4000 RPM and somebody will give 65 HP @3000 RPM. In the absence of equal RPM,comparision of HP becomes difficult.And same problem with torque also such as 75Nm@ 3000 RPM and 65Nm @2000 RPM.Pl advise how to equate different speeds and to know which engine is having more HP/Torque?
  • 1717 day(s) ago
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If a car is generating a power in a lower rpm when compared to the other, then the first car is better. For eg: 75HP@5000rpm is better than 90HP@6250rpm.

Posted: 1717 day(s) ago

Since 6250rpm is not practical, u never cross 5000rpm at any instance not even in highways.

Posted: 1717 day(s) ago

The power and torque mentioned are the highest that one can get from respective engine.The rpm indicated the speed at which max power/torque as mentioned is available.In detailed analysis one can consider the max power and lower rpm.Among the two easier would be to consider only power and torque values.Higher the power/torque better is the usage of the car.

Posted: 1716 day(s) ago

Dear sri shiva shankar,
It is not cleared about comparision of cars with different speeds for HP or Torque.If the RPM is same we can compare but they don't give values of HP and Torque for the same speed due to which comparision becomes difficult.Pl clarify

Posted: 1716 day(s) ago

The power and torque and rpm depends upon technology used in particular engine and in usage on type and size of vehicle.Even engines with similar power and rpm have different performance levels in different types of vehicles.One has to consider overall parameters like type of engine,size of vehicle,seating capacity etc.

Posted: 1715 day(s) ago

Mr Kiran. You are welcome to ask any technical question.Please mention if you are asking question as a student or as a customer.The approach differs for a query about buying cars and for technical education purpose.

Posted: 1715 day(s) ago

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