which car would have better resale value vento swift dzire

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which car would have better resale value vento swift dzire or honda amaze
  • 1765 day(s) ago by Sheetal
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Swift Dzire because Maruthi service is cheaper as apposed to Vento.
When a person is making choices of buying a car the first thought that strikes is maintenance of the car. Consider the Brand name Volkswagen their charges are high which most of the crowd in India dont appeal to the pricing of the service cost.

Posted: 1765 day(s) ago

The above mentioned reason is by far the worst in judging the resale value of a car.
The resale value mainly depends on:
1) Engine Life
2) Chassis Quality
3) Interiors Quality, Fit and Finish
4) And to a certain extent brand value(CERTAIN EXTENT)
Based on the above 4 basic factors, VW Vento should fetch you more Resale value as it has a huge margin among the three vehicles in the mentioned factors. If I am asked to rak the three cars based on the three factors, then,
II-Amaze(IFf you are considering Petrol as I don't know how good the Diesel engine is if Engine Life is considered(It's not even an year old))
III-MS Swift DZire.

If the reason in the earlier answer be considered then a Maruti 800 would fetch more money than VW Beetle while Reselling.

Posted: 1764 day(s) ago

@Nagesh, what do you mean by Engine life? a Engine life is considered as maximum 200000 KM after which life of the Engine is considered to be expired. Now, certainly you can not compare Maruti 800 with that of say Hyundai Verna fluidic as both belong to different catagory and Maruti 800 is almost outside purview in most of the big cities market. Moreover even you can not compare Maruti Alto with that of same maruti SX 4 as both belongs to different category. Yes. it is true that under similar circumstances, Maruti will always enjoy higher resale value.

Posted: 1763 day(s) ago

Resale value depends lot on condition of the vehicle,year of manufacture,features available and spares/maintenance costs.
Among the options mentioned, Honda Amaze is still new on road however Honda Cars always have very good resale value due to high reliability and styling,brand value.Verito and Swift Dzire also have good resale value.To select one, Verito diesel has best of initial cost as well as good resale value

Posted: 1763 day(s) ago

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