I am told that the rim size of the spare wheel in the VW

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I am told that the rim size of the spare wheel in the VW Polo is not the same as that of the other four wheels on the car. My friend's VW Polo has 15" rims for four wheels but the spare wheel is 14". He found this out while changing over to alloy rims. How can VW do this?
  • 1770 day(s) ago by H R KUMAR
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That's why its mentioned on top of the spare wheel that you must not exceed 80kmph with it n replace it ASAP. When I enquired about with the technician, he said it is done because of the following 2 reasons:
1) Since spare wheels remain unused for long periods, it is not wise to use it suddenly in extreme conditions.
2) The space in boot doesn't fit in a 15" wheel.

Posted: 1769 day(s) ago

The reason is as mentioned in earlier comment.

Posted: 1769 day(s) ago

The VWco is doing illegal by providing a14" size spare wheel in the car when other four wheels
are of 15" size.When in emergency the spare wheel will be used in the car then there will be
an imbalance,and to control the steering wheel while driving will be difficult and dangerous and
it may cause an mis happening or an accident.Kindly ask the car co authoritatively to provide you the proper spare wheel.

Posted: 1769 day(s) ago

Shiv Charan Sharma
It is a matter of common sense that a car should have its four wheels(includes rim fitted tyre) of
the same type & size,even a difference of air pressure in tyres may cause an imbalance while
driving on road then how can it be tolerated the difference in rim size(the spare wheel).Kindly demand legally & authoritatively from the car company to provide you the appropriate spare wheel of the size 15". Technicians are no authority to say about the use of spare wheel when
it is of different size nor can they rationalize the flaw by saying that the provided boot does not
suit to house a15"wheel.This is avery serious matter ,car co should resolve it immediately
otherwise both the car user and the car co may face dire consequences if any wrong happens.

Posted: 1768 day(s) ago

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