I have a Verna 2008 of which timing belt broke after 39000

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I have a Verna 2008 of which timing belt broke after 39000 km instead of company warranty of 90k. Then multitude of problems developed. I contacted HMIL customer care service in Delhi and Mumbai as my ASC in Mumbai was not responding with a sense of any social responsibility. The car was in ASC garage for nearly 2 months.My husband had to cancel his foreign business tour and we lost lot of business. After I informed HMC Korea, the matter got moving. I want to sue HMIL, where do I go for justice?
  • 1748 day(s) ago by Shankar Pillay
Under: Hyundai Verna #Miscellaneous
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Its indeed poor customer service.First it is to be considered weather the problem is solved completely.If its already completed then it wont be that effective in putting legal case.The points such as possibility of using alternative vehicle such as taxi etc will arise.As the problem is already solved, it wont be that fruitful in going for legals.However in interest of other customers and responsibility of manufacturer towards customers, you can try and issue legal notice.Again time and labour has to be considered in deciding about the same.

Posted: 1747 day(s) ago

Shankara Pillay
The problem is solved "for the time being". At a big cost and loss to us. But, from the way these HMIL people at Customer Care behaved, it shows they don't care and are well trained in not entertaining customers with complaints. This is a very bad aspect for trusting customers. And for this I mean to set an example for these irresponsible guys. Also, I want proper compensation for monetary implications. Then again, we sent 2 legal notices, one was received, and diverted to their ASC ! Second notice was returned with "wrong address" remark ! HMIL is asking for trouble. Avoid them is my advice to all.

Posted: 1747 day(s) ago

You can seek redressal from your local Consumer Forum.

Posted: 1747 day(s) ago

It's good that you have bought this problem to notice of all. Post it on Facebook on site of Hyndui too. Ask ur lawyer whether u can file a civil suit in a regular court instead of going to consumer court., as consumer court takes hell of a time and it's Judges actually are on the paid list of all these companies.(I myself am a victim). However, if u r all that hell bent to teach them a lesson, then definitely go after them all in and out . U can also publicise in the media and all social networking sites. U may also send your complaint to pehredar @cnbc awaz (a programme that TAKES UP ISSUES OF THE CONSUMER).TRY EVERYTHING TO BRING SUCH COMPANIES TO SHAME SO THAT THEY CAN LEARN A LESSON. WE R WITH U. & don't give up or be disheartened at any point.. I'll be most happy to help u in whatever way I can. I am at Delhi & U may contact me at 9810738520

Posted: 1747 day(s) ago

Consumer forum must help you

Posted: 1747 day(s) ago

If you have all the proofs related to the deficiency of service from HMIL, you can approach the "Consumer Redressal Forum" in your city and file a written case with 4 copies and you need to pay within Rs. 500 as admin charges and you can Present your case yourselves on the issue(Alternately you can hire a professional Advocate at a cost). You can get a compensation within 6 months with interest Ranging from 12% to 24% Per annum from the time of problem reported to HMIL.

Posted: 1747 day(s) ago

Tarun Ghosh
I agree with all in general.Please do not forget to make claims on mental torture grounds. I have read in newspapers recently that one gent in Bhopal had his new i20 burnt during night time when it was just parked. Must be poor electric wiring. HMIL refused to pay him his due compensation. The same customer care guys gave him a tough time. He had to go to the court of Law. All aggrieved should join under one forum to tackle these irresponsible companies and teach them a lesson..

Posted: 1745 day(s) ago

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