Hi experts what is Third party insurance does these have

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Hi experts,
what is Third party insurance does these have any advantage or what r the Disadvantage.in if we buy second hand car.
  • 1780 day(s) ago
Under:   #Insurance
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Third party insurance just serve the purpose of having insurance of vehicle.It wont cover repairs of vehicle due to damages if any.Its cheapest of insurance and recommendable for old cars.

Posted: 1780 day(s) ago

Amit Mehra
It will save u only, in accidental death cases, and will help u saving frm traffic police penalties.

Posted: 1780 day(s) ago

Virochan Kumr NIC
Third party insurance is only save u on the traffic,police, accident.and its cheapest insurance

Posted: 1680 day(s) ago

3rd party insurance is compulsory for all vehicles. As the name indicates it cover the 3rd party (pedestrians / passengers of other vehicle) who get injured with your vehicle. Its premium is less. The 1st & 2nd party (You & your vehicle) do not get any coverage by this type of insurance. For that you need a comprehensive insurance, but its premium is high. Comprehensive insurance offers compensation even in case of theft of vehicle.

Posted: 1680 day(s) ago

Third party insurance is usually opted by the taxi operators, it is not recommended for vehicles that r for personal use. For personal use, comprehensive is better.

Posted: 1680 day(s) ago

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