Hello I have a small query about my Maruthi Ertiga

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I have a small query about my Maruthi Ertiga ZDI.
I purchased this car in April 2013 and it is done with 4700 KM. Maruthi states that, the mileage of this car is 17 kmpl in city limits and 20kmpl on highways.
But, my car is giving only 14.5kmpl (also on highway).
I just wanted to know if the mileage of the car increases after some more kilometers or is it the car giving an average mileage of just 14.5kmpl. I myself drive this car (single hand driven) with normal speed 60-80.
Is the company making false advertisement?
  • 1748 day(s) ago by Vijay
Under: Maruti Suzuki Ertiga #Cars
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With Ertiga, mileage of around 17KMPL is reliable.Best of mileage can be achieved after usage of around 3000 to 5000KM or so.



Posted: 1748 day(s) ago

Fill the fuel tank and drive the car at a speed between 45-55KM on high way. Refill after ~25% of fuel is over. Calculate the milage from the data kilometer covered divided by refilled fuel. It should give correct milage on high ways. There are many factors which decrease milage of a vehicle. Search the internet.

Posted: 1747 day(s) ago

Ridiculous to drive at 45/50 km /per hr .You will get 12km/lit only.

Posted: 1747 day(s) ago

driving a 10 lacs car at 45/55 km/hr speed, for whatt? mileage?

Posted: 1747 day(s) ago

Maruti mentions all mileage when AC is off. So, when AC is on, it reduces mileage. Further, only in ideal condition,and proper driving rules, mileage mentioned can be achieved

Posted: 1747 day(s) ago

Driving at a speed higher than 55KM/hr increases aerodynamic drag ( wind resistance). Cars 90% of power is wasted in overcoming this drag. Ertiga like cars are not designed with proper aerodynamics. The milage stated by maruti is under ideal conditions tasted by ARAI.

Posted: 1746 day(s) ago

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