Amaze or Ecosport

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Amaze or Ecosport
  • 1750 day(s) ago by Praji
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I had this BIG confusion, I recently booked for Amaze (D) (planning to exchange with my petrol swift) and was waiting for delivery when Ecosport was launched. I had test driven Amaze Diesel, Ecoboost and Ecosport Diesel Titanium. My colleague decided to by Ecosport Titanium diesel rejecting Amaze option saying it is too ordinary and not much features ..
But I'm sticking to Amaze ... it was a very tough decision, the real edges that Amaze have over Ecosport
1. Amazes proven fuel economy 20 to 23. Ecoboost is offering under 10 during test drive, not driven rash but during a 2 mile stretch. Ecosport (D) was showing fuel economy of 14 - 15 when driven on similar conditions, but it is fiesta engine and should give 18+ in highway drive. But Amaze is winner. I'm selling my Swift petrol because of low mileage and can't compromise with mileage. Amaze (D) was showing 18-19 during my test drive.
2. Spacious - Amaze feels more roomier than Ecosport, especially in the rear. Also amaze wins in the boot space as well.
3. Ease of driving - It is more in Amaze. I have been driving a Swift before and Amaze (D) just feels like a petrol car with more power and comfort. Ecosport is fun to drive from a higher position but it demands more from the driver. Clutch is so smooth in Amaze that city drives will be effortless, even softer than the swift 
4. I have 9 L budget but was flexible to an extent - When comparing the Ecosport (D) Trend which is 8.75 L On Road V.s Amaze Top variant 9 L, the features are more in Amaze. It has airbag and alloys. Ecosport Trend is 15% in features compared to the Titanium. So the real question was should I spend 1 more Lakh to get Ecosport (d) Titanium which is a sure winner in features. For a lakh Rs I will get everything from airbag , alloys, sync. etc. etc.

What is against Amaze ..
1. No Bluetooth, I work for a MNC and can get into conf. calls anytime, mostly when I'm driving.
2. When I pay 1 L for AMAZE to go from mid variant (I'm not sure what they call it, may be SX) to Top (9 Lakhs) I'm just getting 2 air bags and alloys and may be few toys. When in Ecosport for this 1 Lakhs I get the whole world of features . I wanted car with airbags so, I had to go for Amaze top variant ..

In the tie I had to choose Amaze as it offered more value for money at 9Lakhs. Also I'm selling my swift just for sake of fuel economy and I can't cheat on that, also my family was in for an economical car.


Posted: 1750 day(s) ago

As mentioned in detail in earlier comment, Amaze would be better if preference is for premium looks of sedan and for sportive attitude Ecosport would be better.

Posted: 1750 day(s) ago

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