Please let me know that Etios Liva diesel has a turbo

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Please let me know that Etios Liva diesel has a turbo engine or not. If so what will be the benefit of turbo enable.
  • 1813 day(s) ago by Stalin J
Under: Toyota Etios Liva #Cars
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Using of turbo technology helps for giving turbulence in combustion chamber which in turn helps for better mileage.Available of Turbo in Etios Liva diesel would be confirmed later.

Posted: 1812 day(s) ago

All Diesel cars including the Etios has a turbo unit, turbo helps to increase the air intake in the combustion chamber, thus giving a sudden surge of power, it has nothing to do with mileage.

Turbo is nothing but a set of a small and big fan mounted on a common shaft, the exhaust from the cylinders drive the small fan, which inturn drives the big one , the rotation of the latter causes air from the outside rush into the cylinders, hence, a sudden incr in power is seen.

You can notice this by shifting to 2nd gear n accelerating from 1000rpm, at around 1800-2200 you will experience a sudden increase in power, that is when the turbo is activated n the proof of turbo existence.

Posted: 1812 day(s) ago

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