Dear Pals Its a great interactive site and I am regular

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Dear Pals,
Its a great interactive site and I am regular visitor. I am from Noida. I need your help to get the answer of this issue;
I have an India V2 TCIC DlG, 2006 model. The car has a peculier problem, the horn, indicator lights and the radiator fan fuses repeatedly getting blown off sicne last one year. Each time the TATA service station guys ( I have visited almost all in south Delhi & Noida) changes the fuse and gives various explanation ranging from loose wire, horn short circuit ( I use only Bosch horns) or wrong fuse been fitted. But I dont understand why the problem can be permanently solved. I also got the wiring checked and it was found OK. The problem also occurs in a typical manner, for example first the horn will stop working when the car is running. But after the engine is stopped for 10-15 minutes, it will resume working. this will go for a couple of days before the horn will permanently stop working. Similarly, the AC compressor suddenly stops working when the car is on move and the blower is working. After blowing non-cooled air for 25-30 minutes, it will resume. This will go on for some time and then first the radiator fan fuse blows and then the ac compressor clutch magnet relay blows off. The indicator lights go off when the hazard light switch is on for some time. Also many times after starting the engine, none of the accessories ( head lamp, power window, horn etc) works. Then after the engine is switched off and on again, all starts working. I have also checked the battery, its ok, the alternator is also ok. I have been utterly disturbed with these nagging problems, and yet to find any satisfactory answer from any TATA service station in Delhi. I am planning to take the matter up with TATA Motors, but before that if any one of you can enlighten me on whats happening in my car I sahll be very much grateful.
  • 4700 day(s) ago by Sharbendu
Under: Tata Indica #Cars
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The problem seems to be due to malfunctioning of ECU or wirring harness .We recommend for replacing the same.

Posted: 4699 day(s) ago

Dear Shiva,
Thanks for your suggestion. just to mention, that the wiring harness was replaced under warranty in 2007N, after the AC compressor clutch magnet relay was blown off

Posted: 4699 day(s) ago

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