Hi my usage of car will be 700 to 800 Kms month and 10K

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Hi. my usage of car will be 700 to 800 Kms / month and 10K + Kms / Year, which one I should prefer Petrol / Diesel? Honda Amaze or City?
  • 1822 day(s) ago
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Honda Amaze is preferable :)

Posted: 1822 day(s) ago

Boyapati Sandeep
It all depends on the amount of money you are ready to invest for purchasing the vehicle,the features you are willing to have in your vehicle.Let me know these details then I will try my best for answering your question.And also let me know whether uyou will be travelling in city or long drives

Posted: 1821 day(s) ago

Unless u use your car for more than 2000 kms in a month its worth going for a PETROL version either AMAZE or CITY... moreover if this car is not going to be ur long term list then u will get the HIGH RESALE value as per current market trends... if its gonna serve for more than !0 years then its PETROL should be your Choice

Posted: 1821 day(s) ago

petrol cars dont get HIGH RESALE value.... am correcting the error in my above answer

Posted: 1821 day(s) ago

Reji George
Go for Diesel Honda Amaze or Verito. Mileage and resale value is more important.

Posted: 1821 day(s) ago

The selection greatly depends upon usage and investment.In range of 7Lakhs, petrol version Amaze would be best selection.

Posted: 1821 day(s) ago

Thanks All for your Suggestion. Am ready to invest 10 to 11L.
My Usage in City : 700 to 800 KMS Per Month
My Usage On Highways : 3000 KMS approx Per Annum

Confused between Honda Amaze Diesel and City Petrol.

Posted: 1820 day(s) ago

Yogesh Patil
Dear I would suggest you to go for FIAT PUNTO EMOTION. Just take a test drive for few KM. Then Decide.

Posted: 1819 day(s) ago

With the amount that you are ready to invest, City is the ideal choice - better looking, more spacious etc.. also since the # of kms are not much, diesel is not preferred. Petrol drive is any day better than diesel..more smooth. Though in the 11 lakh range, there are many more options (Vento Diesel etc)..but between these 2 Honda's go for city.

Posted: 1819 day(s) ago

Well to buy a petrol or diesel I would rather leave the choice for you, I will just give an calculation between fuel price and car price between these cars
Car 1 Petrol Variant Priced 4.5 Lakh mileage 16 avg , Car 2 Diesel Variant Priced 6 Lakh mileage 20 avg.
Running cost of both vehicles for an average of 10,000 Km per year
Car 1
Kms travelled - 10,000
Fuel Expenses - INR 46,780/-
2 Service - INR 8,000/-
Total 54,780/- per year
Car 2
Kms travelled - 10000
Cost on Fuel - INR 27.500/-
Maintenance - INR 10,000/-
Total - 37,500/-

Higher the price of the car higher the Insurance. hence diesel cars have more price to pay for insurance, yearly difference is 54,780 - 37500 = INR 17280 is the difference, now we pay INR 1,50,000/ - higher for a Diesel car so it roughly takes 8.5 years of petrol car use to compensate to the diesel one

Posted: 1818 day(s) ago

Honda City are best for All Time. Because Amaze are new Launch car. wait for Public Response Don't Take Risk.

Posted: 1818 day(s) ago

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