I use a Hero Honda Hunk My bike is 3 years old and now

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I use a Hero Honda Hunk. My bike is 3 years old and now clocked over 40,000 km.
Recently, my mechanic says that the bike needs engine rebuild (clutch, piston rings, cylinder head etc.) because the sound of the engine is changed......and the engine is consuming some engine oil if revved hard causing white smoke from the silencer.
Now my question is' "Will I get the same performance of a new engine if the engine is rebuild?'
or 'Should I sell off the bike and go for a new bike?'
Buying a new bike means much more cost! But some people say that rebuild engine has never the feeling of a smooth new feeling like a stock engine no matter how well the engine is rebuild. I am really confused; please help me out. Thank you in advance for your valuable, knowledgeable and practical experience sharing.
  • 1859 day(s) ago
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Considering usage done of 40K KM, the possibility of need of Engine rebuild is very less.Its recommended to check with other mechanics at authorized service centers.

Posted: 1856 day(s) ago

Hero Honda Engine is very good. If you have used it sensibly with proper services there should be no problem with the engine and no rebuild required.
You should check with authorised service centre.
On the other hand rebuild engine if done will not give the smooth feeling and you will want to sell off the bike even after spending money
So if you have to rebuild then better sell it off

Posted: 1856 day(s) ago

thank you for your sincere reply.

Posted: 1853 day(s) ago

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