Dear sir I want to buy Wagon R Vxi Vxi with ABS Kindly

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Dear sir, I want to buy Wagon R Vxi /Vxi with ABS. Kindly suggest me the advantages of Vxi with ABS over VXI.Also i want to know drawback also.
  • 1863 day(s) ago by Bedabyas Dehury
Under: Maruti Suzuki Wagon R 1.0 #Cars
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Ashish Rai
before considering abs you have to consider two things... your driving habits.. and where you drive...
simply put ABS wont let your wheels get locked when you brake in hard enabling you to steer your car even when u have full force applied to your brake paddle (emergency braking situation) unlike a non abs car where in above situation your wheel will turn into just rubber Vs the road with no vehicle control (as the wheel is firmly locked when you brake hard)
pros : vehicle stays in control under hard braking.
shorter braking distance (under certain road conditions)

cons : expensive, can have longer braking distances on slippery roads (rains etc)

what you need to under stand how you drive.. do u drive fast or slow... on highways or city driving..
if u drive in bumper to bumper city drivings.. i personally wont recommend ABS (i drove a zen estilo for 6 years without one) on highways.. learn to brake softly.. try to estimate in advance... my new ritz diesel also doesn't have an ABS..i invested the money in upgrading headlights so that on highways i see upto more than half a Km clearly...
its upto you.. .. upgrade your stock tyres.. and u'ill be fine without ABS also..

my driving experience : 70000 Kms zen estilo
ritz : 11000 kms (2.5 months of purchase)
max driven : 1435 kms (delhi to mumbai 19 hrs straight)


Posted: 1862 day(s) ago

Mr Ashish Rai has given pretty detailed info on the same.Please check review below for detailed analysis about the same.

Posted: 1861 day(s) ago

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